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The venture was founded in 1998 as a joint venture of Sergey Kryloff and PKWARE Inc., the inventors of the Zip data compression format. Kryloff Technologies is dedicated to developing and marketing productivity products that incorporate leading-edge search solutions. Our products perform full text searches in the Web, work as meta search engines, search in files on a local computer or the corporate local area network, create automatic summaries of document contents, extract keywords and key sentences, find and edit files whose contents is similar to a given one, provide software developers with the ability to use our technologies in their own products, and do even more... By combining the PKWARE worldwide marketing and support capabilities with the technological expertise and development capabilities of the Kryloff team, Kryloff Technologies is well equipped help individuals and organizations master the growing information deluge that the Internet age is creating.

In February, 2002 the Kryloff Technologies venture was sold to private owners; this was issued under the terms of the joint venture agreement soon after the unexpected death of Phil Katz, the founder and the former president of PKWARE.

Sergey Kryloff both heads the Kryloff Technologies development team and is the inventor of the exciting new data patch technology included in PKWARE's line of products. At Kryloff Technologies, Sergey's engineering team has been developing core search technologies and using them to create breakthrough products such as SSSleuth™ and the other members of the Subject Search Suite™. Kryloff Technologies, Inc. constantly improves its multi-lingual search techniques. Along with giving document titles, these techniques also allow SSS™ products to highlight the most relevant excerpts being extracted directly from documents. This outstanding and completely unique feature helps a user to quickly identify paragraphs that answer his or her questions. See the "contact us" section for information on reaching the Kryloff Technologies' team.

Kryloff Technologies is also prepared to work with other companies to enhance their product offerings. If you are interested in bundling one of our products with your own products or in licensing our search technologies for inclusion in your own products, feel free to contact Kryloff Technologies staff. We would be glad to discuss your needs with you and, if needed, can help with the custom integration of our technologies into your software.

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