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   SSSleuth™ components:

I.  Administrator utility
SSSleuth Administrator screenshot - click to enlarge

II.  Client search utility
SSSleuth Client screenshot - click to enlarge

III.  Language Specifier utility
SSSleuth Language Specifier screenshot - click to enlarge

IV.  Index Packer utility
SSSleuth Index Packer screenshot - click to enlarge

V. SSSleuth™ API functions:
(accessible from C#, C++, VB for Win32 and for .NET, Delphi, BDE for Win32 and .NET, etc.)

Manipulating Search Folders
1. CreateVirtualFolder()
2. DeleteCurrentVirtualFolder()
3. GetCurrentVirtualFolder()
4. SetCurrentVirtualFolder()
5. CloseCurrentVirtualFolder()

Retrieving Folder contents
6. VirtualFolderGetFileCount()
7. VirtualFolderGetFileListItem()

Information Retrieval
8. QueryCurrentVirtualFolder()
9. QueryGetResult()
10. SubjectSearchStart()
11. SubjectSearchProcessData()
12. SubjectSearchGetBestResult()

Data summarizarion
13. SubjectSearchSummarizeText()

Document indexing
14. StartIndexingTransaction()
15. IndexFile()
16. FinishIndexingTransaction()

Deleting index files
17. StartDeletingTransaction()
18. DeleteFileIndex()
19. FinishDeletingTransaction()

Packing document indexes
20. AsyncPackVirtualFolder()
21. StopAsyncPacking()
22. GetAsyncPackingProgress()

Filtering file contents
23. FilterIsValid()
24. GetFilteredFileText()
25. GetSupportedFileExtensions()
26. GetFilterFileName()

Obtaining language info
27. GetVirtualFolderCharacherSet()
28. GetVirtualFolderLanguageInfo()

Auxiliary functions
29. SetCDMode()
30. CancelProcessCallback()
31. GetSSSleuthVersion()
32. GetFileAge()

 We consider the possibility to customize SSSleuth™ to your particular requirements or to run joint development. To send us your offer, click here

SSSleuth™ - Search Engine for Your Company Buy SSSleuth 

How can I find that particular information I need to make a decision? How do I do it quickly without a waste of time? How to keep my data always at hand, in the ready-to-search status? SSSleuth™ resolves all these questions by providing both final-end users such as, knowledge workers, and software developers with a number of full text search, information retrieval and data summarization utilities and software components. All of these components have been designed to function either on a personal computer or/and a Local Area Network of your company.

Product Highlights

SSSleuth™ saves your time and increases your productivity by providing quick access to relevant information available on your personal computer and the Local Area Network (LAN) of your company. Knowledge workers may start using the product once it has been installed; apart from it, software developers are provided with an Application Program Interface (API) to the SSSleuth™ Search Engine, which is indeed one of the fastest and powerful search and retrieval engines available. It supports queries formulated naturally in all European languages without any exception (including English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, etc.) as well as Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, and virtually any others.

SSSleuth™ can be used in document management and imaging systems on your personal computer and Local Area Network of your company: it has a built-in mechanism allowing to access, modify and perform simultaneous searches in the same collections of documents, ebooks and articles from multiple nodes within the Local Area Network of your company. Along with finding documents, SSSleuth™ builds automatic document summaries by selecting and highlighting the most essential paragraphs in each file or article you include in SSSleuth™ Virtual Folders. You will be amazed of its fast indexing and search speed, accuracy, flexibility, and the ease of use. SSSleuth™ is designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind -- we hope this pays off as you start using the product in your everyday work or/and integrate it into your own software projects and applications.

Key Benefits

  • The SSSleuth™ Information Retrieval Search Engine quickly makes sense of what you are looking for. Supported are queries being formulated in the natural form (such as, "How do I calculate the date of Easter?") in virtually any human language of your choice. Kryloff's proprietary fuzzy-logic algorithms are capable of finding documents and paragraphs that match your queries even if your search phrase has been altered, modified or just misspelled! Furthermore, the engine automatically builds and displays summaries of every file you include in SSSleuth™ Virtual Folders.
  • More than 30 functions and procedures available in the API to the SSSleuth™ Search Engine, allow software developers to quickly and easily incorporate its powerful search capabilities into their own software applications. The SSSleuth™ Search Engine is accessible form the majority of programming languages such as MS Visual C++ or Borland Delphi.
  • SSSleuth™ enables searching in Microsoft Office documents (MS Word, Excel, Power Point) as well as in unicode and plain text files (TXT), Adobe PDF, Rich Text (RTF), HTM/HTML files, etc. Furthermore, since the product uses the open interface to KT Text Filters, the list of applicable file types is extendable.
  • The product has been designed for all types of users, including senior managers and IT managers as well as all kinds of company employees such as final-end users and programmers.
  • The ease to administer and use are hallmarks of this product: SSSleuth™ automatically monitors and re-indexes any updated documents on Windows servers. This is always done without system interruption allowing final-end users to keep on searching in relevant and up-to-date information only.
  • High performance and accuracy of search results: SSSleuth™ can search in gigabytes of information within a second providing document summaries or highlighting paragraphs that match your queries. Search results are presented in a simple but structured report, estimating each document with relevancy scores sorted "best matches first". You will be also impressed with that tremendously high speed at which SSSleuth™ can index files and include them into its Virtual Folders for further searching. As for the search quality, our internal benchmark tests leave no doubt that SSSleuth™ is indeed one of the best products in its area.
  • SSSleuth™ can be configured and customized to suit your language and even for more thorough searches: the SSSleuth™ Language Specifier utility allows to create custom language dictionaries thus making the product index and search in documents written in virtually any human language.

System Requirements:

  • Platform: Windows 98/ME or Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7*.
  • Memory: at least 64 MB of RAM for the SSSleuth™ Client utility, and 128 MB for indexing and packing components such as, Administrator.**
  • Hard disk: at least 50 MB for the SSSleuth™ components and sufficient space for the index files. Disk space required for storing index files, vary based on the number and size of documents, and their content type. In average, index files occupy one third (about 33%) of the overall size of files included in Virtual Folders though the actual amount of disk space may vary in a wider range.
  • There are no restrictions to the number of nodes within the Local Area Network of your company that can access, update, and simultaneously search in SSSleuth™ Virtual Folders.

* Some of KT Filters responsible for processing MS Office files, require Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7, so it is recommended that you install SSSleuth™ under any of these platforms.

** Having 64 Mb of RAM is normally enough to search in Virtual Folders which contain up to 100,000 files; processing more huge Virtual Folders may require additional memory; in any case the recommended amount of memory is 128 Mb or more.

New in version 3.01:

  • Added was support of Asian languages, namely: Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified (Mainland China), and Chinese Traditional (Taiwanese).
  • The product allows simultaneous indexing, searching in, packing and even deleting files from SSSleuth™ Virtual Folders; plus, software components allow doing the same within multiple threads.
  • The product is shipped with updated KT Text Filters, which allow indexing and searching in HTML, RTF, TXT, PDF, MS Office (DOC, XLS, PPT), HLP, and XML files.
  • More than 40 (forty!) example projects in Miscrosoft Visual C++, C#, Basic for .NET, and Borland Development Studio both for Windows and .NET platforms SSSleuth™ is shipped with demonstrate the use of API to the product search engine and KT Text Filters.
  • Supported are not only searches within your coprorate Local Area Network, but also those via Internet or/and Intranet via Remote SSSleuth Server. The complete source code of Remote Server along with examples how to use it is provided right in SSSleuth™ Trial Version!
  • Despite the fact that we recommend installing and using SSSleuth™ components under Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, and later versions, Windows 98 and Millennium Edition are still supported - this has been done on purpose to allow companies and individuals to distribute searchable documentation on CD, DVD, and flash drives that can be accessed from virtually any computer.

  • Kryloff Technologies will consider the possibility to enhance existing, develop new utilities and software components, or otherwise customize Subject Search Sleuth™ to your particular requirements, including joint development and marketing options. To send us your offer, click here.

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