Subject Search Server™ 1.1 for FreeBSD
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Installation notes

Print this page to make a hard copy of the installation instructions.

To install SSServer™, login as root, select the directory where you downloaded ssserver-1.1.tgz and type
pkg_add ssserver-1.1.tgz

SSServer™ will be installed into /usr/local/www/cgi-bin. To uninstall the program, login as root and type
pkg_delete ssserver-1.1

You can install SSServer™ into another directory if you want. Select the directory in which you downloaded ssserver-1.1.tgz and extract all files from the archive:
tar xzf ssserver-1.1.tgz

Then edit the configuration variable DESTDIR in the install shell script and run install.

To uninstall the program, select the directory where SSServer™ has been installed, then select the ssserverdata subdirectory and type:
make deinstall