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KT Text Filters
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KT Text Filters Buy a license to use KT Text Filters

Purchase KT Text Filters online for $345.00 by clicking here. Upon purchase, you will be given professional editions of KT Text Filters, example projects demonstrating how to use them in your own software products, the right to distribute KT Text Filters on the royalty-free basis along with your applications and of course, our technical support and possible bug fixes. If you wish to obtain the source code of the filters (for example, to use them under operating systems other than Windows, etc.), you are invited to contact us.

After you purchase KT Text Filters ...

When your order gets authorized, you'll receive a corresponding confirmation via an e-mail message. After it, we will contact you shortly and provide you with comprehensive documentation, example projects and any other files that are required to let you successfully use KT Text Filters and GetText.exe in your own software products. In the meantime, you may obtain the latest version of the filters by clicking here.

Your interest in our products as well as your support of our company are very truly appreciated.

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