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"In my quest, I tried 23 web-search programs, and half-a dozen find-text programs, and the elegance of your products truly stands out from the mass."

Edward N. Grundy

"I just wanted to let you know that your search engine is great! In five minutes I was able to find information that I could not find after days of searching with other engines."

Andra Davis

"Whenever someone mentions that they are looking for an obscure bit of information, I'll fire up SSSpider and get them that information. My family calls me "The Answer Man." - THANKS!"

Jim Flannery, USA

"What little chance I have had looking at Subject Search Spider, I can say I appreciate its finding some references other search systems have not turned up. Well done."

Fredrick Rea O'Keefe, Tampa, USA

"I have been evaluating your product SSSpider and I have been impressed with the results! It is a lot easier than sifting through various search engines."

Sean C. Johnson, USA

"I was trying to find someone to buy a vintage Philco television I owned. It hasn't worked in years, but I figured there should be collectors out there somewhere that buy and repair old sets. SSSpider worked great! I asked it to compile a report based on "Philco Predicta" and it gave me 20 summaries in less than 5 minutes. Three sites indicated that they buy old televisions, including Predictas. Thanks to SSSpider!"

Paul Needham, USA

"First of all, you're amazing. I just downloaded the preview version and after a couple of searches I registered! You've got a masterpiece on your hands here..."

Dennis Östergren, Sweden

"I must tell you it is by leaps the finest piece of search software I have ever used..."

Dorothy Surrender

"Hi, first, a great product, I use it regularly now, rather than use individual search engines at all."

Paul Geary, Great Britain

"I really like your product. In fact, I use it several times a week, often achieving excellent results."

Bill Bell, INNOVUS Research, Inc., Canada

"I downloaded the trial version of spider and I LOVE IT!!! I had registered it but, after that, my computer crashed and I lost everything. Would you happen to have my registration number on file? I MISS my spider which I do need since I'm legally blind."

Ona Hardy, USA
What the press are saying about SSSpider™

"This program is referred to in net terms as a metacrawler. It goes through a list of user specified search engines and scans for the selected query. Subject Search Spider delivers it to the browser window in the form of a normal search query with links. This method of search is an excellent way of saving time when looking for obscure and hard to find information. It is a very simple program to use and is fairly quick."

A1 Yippee
Program Review

"SSSpider is a freeware search tool that helps you find and organize information that you request from the Internet. After entering a few keywords into the program, it queries hundreds of search engines and specialty sites. You can also add your own favorite web sites and place them into special categories. International users will enjoy SSSpider's support for many languages.
This latest version features a user-friendly Search Wizard for creating both basic and comprehensive queries. You can also view graphical Quick Reports while the program is searching."

Rocket Download
Program Review

"SSSpider conducts a much deeper search of your search phrase. One way it does this is by querying more search engines and Web sites, and by waiting longer for search engines to respond (time-outs where the meta engine quits looking after a second or two because the target site doesn't respond fast enough is a common occurrence). By querying a greater number of Web sites the likelihood that your specific search phrase will appear increases dramatically...
The program then compiles a report, sorted by relevancy, showing the search phrase as it actually appears in the linked document. The relevant text is extracted from the page for inclusion in the report, thereby saving you the time of clicking on the link to see if it contains the information you want. Any links that are not working are automatically eliminated, as are duplicate links, so the same reference is not reported more than once."

WWWiz Magazine

"With this handy tool your searches on the Internet are fully automated and it has the ability to query multiple search engines using 27 different languages. And don't worry about getting back clutter for results because SSSpider will get rid of dead and duplicate links for you automatically. Once SSSpider has gone out and found what you need on the Internet, you'll be presented with an organized list of results ranked by relevancy and accompanied by a brief abstract from the pages found."

ZDNet's LaunchPad

"Some people seem to be supernaturally gifted at finding things on the Internet. For the rest of us, online searching can be frustrating. Search engines help, but it's difficult to know which one to use and how to phrase your query to get the best results. Even when used properly, these engines often return thousands of results that are only semirelevant. SSSpider, a new Web search agent from Kryloff Technologies, can make searching on the Web easier and more effective.
If you're tired of the hassle of hunting for information on the Web, for just $29.95 SSSpider brings more control and sophistication to your Web searches."

CNet Review

"All you do is type in a search word or phrase, and SSSpider launches your browser and crawls the Net for you.
In under a minute, SSSpider found 49 entries about Penny Hardaway with a relevance of 20 percent or more. I scanned the page for the words L'il Penny and linked to Rick's Penny Hardaway Home Page. Now I have an excellent audio file of L'il Penny (voiced by comedian Chris Rock) flirting with supermodel Tyra Banks."

PC World

"SSSpider provides turnkey access to more than 200 different software robots now residing on the Internet. Rather than further congest Internet traffic by simultaneously submitting to all robots, however, SSSpider employs smart technologies to gradually widen a search until all of its criteria are met-at a rate of eight robots at a pop."

EE Times

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