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1.Find Free Music Downloads on the web [01.09.2007]Relevancy 96%
Where to find free music and mp3 downloads
free music downloads | mp3 search | music lyrics | music news | mp3 helper
new music - world music charts - full albums
dance/techno music - a-z archives
Finding free music downloads is easy!
Even though you may have been hearing about free Music downloads for a long time, you are not alone if you don't have a clue what they are or how to get them.
There's a lot of free music available on the Internet today, but many people still aren't taking advantage of these free downloads simply because they don't know where to begin.
If you've never downloaded free music before, or don't even really understand what an MP3 music file is, here are some guidelines to help clear up the mystery.
What are Free Music Downloads (mp3)?
A non-technical definition of an MP3 is that it's a way that a computer saves music on your computer's hard drive, so that you can download it ... - Directory - Top 100 Audio Sites [01.09.2007]Relevancy 87%
... Windows Media Audio (WMA).
3) Formats with lossy compression, such as MP3, Vorbis, lossy Windows Media Audio (WMA) and AAC.
Windows Audio - Directory of Sites
Search our Database
F R E E - M U S I C - 1 2 3
Best Free Music, MP3, MIDI, WAV Sites found on the WWW !
(Stats: Rank=1, Hits In=3571, Hits Out=9454)
Free Music Sites
Download great free MP3 songs, MP3 players, free MP3 titles, MP3 Archive A-Z, free Music downloads, free music resources, free music and MP3 sites
(Stats: Rank=2, Hits In=3086, Hits Out=1619)
MIDI File and MP3 Music Finder
16 powerful search engines to find the MIDI and MP3 song you've been looking for! Quickly locate over 100,000 songs of Alternative - Classical - Country - Dance - Jazz - Pop - Rap - Rock - Techno - Movie/TV Themes - 50s - 60s - 70s - 80s - 90s - plus Todays Hits!
(Stats: Rank=3, Hits In=2908, Hits Out=4188)
The Top 125 MIDI Sites
This is the BEST MIDI Top-Site listing on the Net! You'll find high quality ...
3.Download Country Music For Free: Mp3 Downloads ,MP3 files, free music downloads, To [01.09.2007]Relevancy 80%
... Downloads For Music And Movies Country Music Festivals
Mp3 Downloads ,MP3 files, free music downloads, To
Each week MUSIC MOLE
Warez, Winamp, Mp3s, Ftp, Download, Mps, Metallica, Free Mp3, Mp3, Music, Free Mp3 Music, Music Mp3 Download, Country Music Mp3, Mp3 Archive, Mp3 Search Engines, Mp3 Download, Download Music, Mp3 Music Songs, mp3 music, free mp3 music download, mp3 m
Category: Music download
Free music and movie download
Free music and movie
download sites data base: music movie download, download free movie music software, download free movie music site, best site to download music and movie, movie and music download site, download legal movie music, download unlimited movie and music, download music movie video for free, download free movie music program, download movie music software, download movie music psp, download game movie music, program download music movie, hindi movie music download, download movie theme music, ...
4.Free Mp3 Music Files : Free Mp3 Music Files - Unlimited Free Movies To Download and Music Downloads [01.09.2007]Relevancy 79%
... Classical Music ...
(Jumbo: Free & Shareware MP3 files, Games, Screen Savers & Computer Software)
Jumbo is the source for free MP3 files, games, desktop themes, screen savers and the latest computer software. ... from FIA and ONStor; and WebEx debuts a free PC remote access tool. ... making MID files, transcribing music, and finding chord names from polyphonic WAVE and MP3 files. ...
(mfiles - free music files and notes: Sheet Music, MIDI and MP3)
Free sheet music, MIDI and MP3 files to download - classical, original, traditional, ragtime, Christmas Carols and Hymns. Print or Play Sheet Music online. Reference material, CD reviews, biographies, notes and examples, Composers, Film music and... downloadable MIDI or MP3 files. Christmas Carols - sheet music and sound files: ...
(Morpheus :: peer-to-peer file sharing software)
... Download files faster and easier with better ... Includes free Bitzi anti-spoofing look-ups to download only the files you ... NOT authorized for ...
5.Where To Find Free Music For Your Videos And Podcasts: A Mini-Guide - Robin Good's Latest News [01.09.2007]Relevancy 77%
MasterNewMedia by Robin Good
Be Smart, Be Independent, Be Good
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July 22, 2007

Where To Find Free Music For Your Videos And Podcasts: A Mini-Guide
Finding free music for videos or audio podcasts seems to be one of the hardest activities. Most of the audio content available online is protected by copyrights and the threat of bumping into illegal content is always in the air. Is it possible to have access to music that is freely downloadable and distributable? The following article might give you the answer.
Photo credit: Iryna Kurhan
Nowadays the increased popularity of alternative distribution licenses such as Creative Commons has made possible for musicians to publish their music online and share it with others while guaranteeing some fundamental rights for themselves.
This phenomenon promoted the birth of several online music directories, whose aim is to collect music which has been voluntarily ...
6.Free MP3 Downloads - Where to Find Free Music Online [01.09.2007]Relevancy 77%
You are here: About>Electronics Gadgets>Digital Music> Free Music
Digital Music
Electronics Gadgets
Digital Music
Free Christmas MusicBest MP3 Players Under $200Best MP3 Players Over $200Free and Legal MusicIs Downloading Music Legal?
Free MusiciPod HacksOnline Music StoresMusic RingtonesPodcastingFile Sharing / P2PLegal IssuesMP3 PlayersHome StereoOrganizing Digital MusicInternet RadioRip and Burn CDsFAQ / Glossary
Compare Prices
Find a Job
Yellow Pages
Most Popular Articles
Latest Articles
> Free Music
Free Music - Resources for Free Music on the Internet
Anyone can pay for music. Use the following resources to find music you love for the best price of all... FREE! And even better yet, it's legal!
P2P File Sharing @
Articles & Resources
Sort By : Guide Picks | Alphabetical | Recent
Free Christmas Music - Your Source for Totally Free Holiday TunesChristmas ...
7.mp3: free mp3, mp3 download, mp3 players, mp3 music, songs, search angines, free, download [29.07.2007]Relevancy 75%
... Receive A 100% FREE Desktop MP3 Movie Player !!! All sites listed on MP3REVIEW are offering a free MP3 and Movie Player!
Lacy, Ben
- Guitarist's official site with a gig schedule, biography, and mp3 downloads.
free mp3 download from MP3DD
MP3DD: mp3 search engine for finding free mp3 direct downloads. The most popular music and top downloads mp3 songs and mp3 files. Find popular free... free mp3 downloads, music and CDs of musical artists
Your source for free music and MP3s
to play or download, artist CDs, free MP3 software, MP3 news, MP3 product reviews, free personal account for CDs...
Scottish Music Scotland Celtic CD mp3 DVD Edinburgh Tattoo
...mp3 sounds. MusicScotland is a member of ShopatWorldPay "...Great shopping experience. Free shipping, great service, great selection, great...
Reviews and free downloads at
... Fast Engine, removes updates for FREE! Registry Mechanic 4.0 ... MP3 Search · Burners · Players · Rippers · Video...
BBC ...
8.mfiles - free music files and notes: Sheet Music, MIDI and MP3 [16.08.2007]Relevancy 73%
... known as the "Well-Tempered Clavier" that exemplifies this the most. Otherwise known as the "48 preludes and fugues", this collection of works is split over two books of 24 where each book has a prelude and a fugue in each major and minor key. Here is the final Prelude and Fugue from Book 1 (in the key of B minor) including a special arrangement of the Fugue for String Quartet complete with parts:
Prelude 24 - Sheet Music, MIDI and MP3 files
Fugue 24 - Sheet Music, MIDI and MP3 files
Fugue 24 (arranged for String Quartet) - Sheet Music, MIDI and MP3 files
Miklós Rózsa - remembering the composer
This year marks the centenary of the birth of the film composer Miklós Rózsa, and a unique book about the composer has been published to mark the occasion. Author Jeffrey Dane knew Rozsa well, having met the him on several occasions and corresponded with the composer over a period of more than 20 years. This wealth of private correspondence and Dane's various ...
9.Audio Files Website Rankings [01.09.2007]Relevancy 73%
... that allow recording, burning and trading of their concerts.
Owner's Description:
Community of FTP servers that gather and distribute loss less format digital audio from "trade friendly" jam bands that allow recording, burning and trading of their concerts.
4.3 (37 votes) -
Source for free music downloads, MP3 direct play, artist CDs, free MP3 software, news, MP3 product review.
Owner's Description:
Source for free music and MP3s
to download or play, artist CDs, free MP3 software, news, MP3 product review.
4.1 (37 votes) - iMusicShare
Legal music file share network built in association with MusicMatch. Allow unlimited free music downloads for a fixed subscription fee each month.
4.1 (25 votes) -
Free MP3 downloads with music search and top downloads list. Music library includes many popular world charts including MTV and Billboard.
3.9 (27 ...
10.Free Music - Where To Find Free Online Music, Free Music Downloads, Online Media, Streaming Media, Downloading Media Content, Downloading Free Music [01.09.2007]Relevancy 71%
Home Profile Email Sitemap Partners
free music >
Free Music Downloads
Free Online Music
Sheet Music
MP3 Downloads
MP3 Player
- Apple
- Nomad
- Rio
- Archos
- Sony
- Samsung
free music
There is no doubt about the fact that we are currently immersed in the technological age. File sharing networks (such as the revolutionary server that was/is Napster) provide anyone who has access to the Internet with a forum through which they can search for and download almost any file type ranging from video and image to the more common MP3. MP3s are the most common format of audio file downloads. MP3s are readily convertible into .WAV files and can be easily transferred onto CDs for use in either standard CD players, or MP3 CD players. (Because MP3 files are incredibly smaller than CD standard WAV files, you can fit hundreds of MP3s on a single CD) Their small file size allows for the maximum amount of audio pleasure, as you can fit hundreds on a CD, and ...
11.Royalty Free Music, Free Sound Effects, Free Music Loops [01.09.2007]Relevancy 71%
Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects
plus free music loops, free sound effects, free midi files and free audio software
Royalty Free Content
Royalty Free Music
Royalty Free Sound Effects
Relaxation CDs
Free Sounds
Free Music Loops
Free Sound Effects
Free Midi Files
Audio Software
Audio Software for PC
Audio Software for Mac
Sound Advice
Audio Tutorials
Partners In Rhyme
Contact Us
About Us
New! Ambient Music
Royalty free music fuses electronic and organic sounds to create ambient, sensual, shamanic background music that soothes the inner senses...
Floating abstract textures and singing bell-like drones conjure up visions of Tibetan monks and the Buddhist temples of Thailand.
Magic Shores
This hour long audio CD (or MP3 download) has 4 tracks of beautiful ambient music layered with a strong ocean surf sound. The ...
12.Free mp3 files downloads Blog :: free all american rejects mp3 downloads sites [05.05.2007]Relevancy 68%
... the 100 free mp3 downloads?
mp3 downloads
Lewis / May 22, 2005, 5:06 pm
It is necessary to search correctly. By the way, who to share the helpful information? Where it is possible to find?
Waldorff / June 7, 2005, 6:42 pm
Chill! I have an information on the totally free mp3 downloads the artists free mp3 mp3 downloads a is well!
Rothermel / June 16, 2005, 7:36 pm
So where it to find?
Fortman / June 29, 2005, 8:54 pm
Where to find the free mp3 files
downloads in the Internet?
Hannebaum / July 14, 2005, 10:24 pm
Who knows where to find the mp3 music downloads free?
free mp3
Name *:
Comment *:
Code *:
Search this blog:
Last posts
eminem stan mp3
Previous posts
limewire download
limewire download
free music download
free downloadable music
download music
free music downloads
free ...
13.How to Download Free Music - Mahalo [25.08.2007]Relevancy 68%
...type:mp3 into the URL box. This will bring up a list of all of the MP3s on
In order to search for music from a specific artist, add "+ArtistName" to the end of the URL. (i.e.
Search through the results and click on a link in order to play the track.
Right-click on the link and choose "Save Link As" in order to download the file.
Figure 4:
Step 3: Use Google To Find Free Music Downloads
By typing a specific string into the Google search box, you can access open indexes of music that are available for download. For instance:
Typing in: -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:"index of" mp3 will bring up a list of MP3 directories
While typing in: -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:"index of" mp3 "White Stripes" will bring up directories that contain songs by The White Stripes.
Copy and paste the string above into Google, while replacing "White Stripes" with another artist.
14.Digital Music - MP3s, P2P, Free Music, and Buy Music Online [01.09.2007]Relevancy 68%
You are here: About>Electronics Gadgets>Digital Music
Digital Music
Electronics Gadgets
Digital Music
Free Christmas MusicBest MP3 Players Under $200Best MP3 Players Over $200Free and Legal MusicIs Downloading Music Legal?
Free MusiciPod HacksOnline Music StoresMusic RingtonesPodcastingFile Sharing / P2PLegal IssuesMP3 PlayersHome StereoOrganizing Digital MusicInternet RadioRip and Burn CDsFAQ / Glossary
Compare Prices
Find a Job
Yellow Pages
Most Popular Articles
Latest Articles
From Apply Now,
Your Guide to Digital Music.
FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now!
.blVE {width:403px;padding:15px 10px;margin:0;border-bottom:#D3D3BE 1px solid;}.blVT {display:block;font-weight:bold;font-size:16px}
Download Over 2000 Albums for Free
If you got a brand new MP3 player this holiday season but don't have any music to listen to with it, web site Jamendo offers over 2000 Creative Commons-licensed ...
15.Cool MP3 Stuff - The PCman Website [01.09.2007]Relevancy 68%
... on your computer and make your own cd's from it. We tell you about the common hardware and free software you will need to record your own music onto cd's.
Where to get songs - Free Music Downloads
Audio Galaxy - good music some unsigned bands.
Bear Share - file sharing peer to peer client.
Grokster - another peer to peer client (now defunt).
Kazaa - a newer file sharing utility
Lime Wire - peer to peer client.
Lycos MP3 Search - Lycos has a search feature to find free MP3 files. - unsigned bands listed by music style.
Music Seek - music search engine find any song by any artist quickly.
Shareaza - a file locating client uses the Gnutella network.
SongSpy - peer 2 peer a new song sharing tool (bit the dust).
Win MX - a media sharing client another file search client.
Xolox - peer 2 peer a new song sharing tool.
Where to get players
Cool Player - fast Mpeg layer 1, 2 and 3 player.
Jupiter Jukebox - plays RA, WAV and MP 3.
Maplay1.2+ - player and decoder ... music mp3 share files [01.09.2007]Relevancy 67%
... to the free music mp3 share files necessary?
May 20, 2005, 4:54 pm
On this site it is possible to find the free music mp3 share files
I have found it!
June 3, 2005, 6:18 pm
So where it to find?
June 13, 2005, 7:18 pm
I have found it. You that to search are not able? :)
June 16, 2005, 7:36 pm
Where to find the free music
mp3 share files in the Internet?
June 23, 2005, 8:18 pm
The free music mp3 share files too is necessary to me. How it to order?
July 5, 2005, 9:30 pm
In whom it is possible to order the free music mp3 share files? Who can help?
Name *:
Comment *:
Code *:
Copyright free music mp3 share files
17.Rage . Against . The . System: Where To Find Free Mp3 [28.08.2007]Relevancy 67%
Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Where To Find Free Mp3

Ok,as we all know,we have to say Goodbye to BearShare due to cease-and-desist settlement from the RIAA ,while Warez P2P, Limewire, eDonkey, and Soulseek will follow up soon.In the sense of advocating a Free World with Free Culture,here are the places where you can find tons of Free music or Mp3. Before that, of course, you can buy legal music from iTunes with $0.99 per song if you can afford to.
Here are the Top Free Mp3 Sites
Zinhof Audio
Open Dir
Rippy Music
Air Mp3
Live Music Archive
Mp3 Finder
MP3 Nova (Torrents)
The Hype Machine
Popular audio
Free Music Downloads
Legal Mp3
Bootleg Browser
How To Find Mp3's With Google
1. Example Strings
- "index of" + mp3 + "radiohead"
2. Example Strings
- "directory listings" + "mp3" + "radiohead"
By the way,any prediction from you guys about the future of BitTorrent ?
posted by yee wei at 5:45 PM
Logtar ...
18.YouTube - Google is better than Limewire for downloading Music mp3s dl [01.09.2007]Relevancy 67%
... emule limewire firewalled azureus rip dvd burn online isos ps2 wii roms pirated dl (more)
' class="vidURLField" onClick="javascript:document.urlForm.embed_code.focus();;" readonly="true">
Showing 1 20 of about 196,000
See All Videos
Google lets you download mp3s faster than limewire
From: jimmyrcom
Views: 146184
Google Hacking How To: Find Free MP3 Files Tutorial
From: vidaldewit
Views: 40572
OK Go - Here It Goes Again
From: OkGo
Views: 21763597
Crazy Indian Music Video
From: dirtyfratboy
Views: 5230884
Secret Google Video Categories Hacked
From: jimmyrcom
Views: 71317
Google better than Limewire (subitulos espaГ±ol)
From: e31337
Views: 39310
Hacking Google For Free Music
From: Hackerdaily
Views: 27504
... files Software Freeware Shareware Free Download [20.08.2007]Relevancy 66%
... files
extract dvd music
extract files ipod to pc
import files from ipod to pc
ipod copy music
ipod music
ipod music transfer
ipod transfer music
music dvd
video files to dvd
ipod music to mac
mystery case files huntsville
free ipod music
download music
free kazaa music download
free music
music maker
recover files
recover my files
free music downloads
free music lessons
ares free music download
free mp3 music player
free music download
free music games
download free music
free mp3 files

backup music
batch print files
big files
closed files
documentaries music
duplicate jpeg files
duplicate music finder
html files
large files
microsoft money files
music cd
music cd burner
music cd cover
realmedia files converter
jpeg files
mobile music polyphonic 1.5
.chk files
avi files
corrupt files
corrupted files
create chm files
create help files
files association
files cataloguer
Home | Shareware Download | Freeware Download | Games Downloads | DVD Shareware
Copyright © 2002 - 2007 ...
20.Welcome to mp3 world where can find free mp3 songs, mp3 music, mp3 files [13.08.2007]Relevancy 65%
Welcome to MP3IMPERIUM.COM MP3 is a file format which stores audio files on a computer in such a way that the file
size is relatively small, but the song sounds near perfect. Mp3 music,
Mp3 world, mp3 files, free mp3 songs, mp3 cds. Typically one Mb is equal to one minute of music.
MP3 files offer:
Very high quality audio fidelity
Very small file size
Standard file format of the interne
Welcome to MP3 world. Using today's user friendly software, listening MP3fFiles directly to your Pc or creating
an audio CD it is a process quite simple.
There are many players available for free or as shareware. Please see below and click on
the software/links that you feel more suitable for your purposes. MP3 world the best source of mp3 files, mp3 cds, free mp3 songs, mp3 music
1. Eminem-Stan(Featuring_Dido)
3. Tiromancino_La_Descrizione_Di
4. Giorgio Gaber - ...
21.Free music, mp3 files and other music related free offers [31.08.2007]Relevancy 65%
Home Animated SMS Free SMS Logos Mobile phones
Search for
Free Logos | Free Sms | Free Ringtones | Mp3
Webmasters earn more money per click!
MUSIC - over 400 000 mp3 files in database. You can listen and download mp3 files.
Free CD - This site is giving away The "Best of Miami" CD featuring 45 minutes of the Hottest Latin Salsa, Merengue, Vallenato, Cumbia & Reggae Music Videos that play full screen in your PC.
Free demo CD - Cool Edit Pro 2.0 is the COMPLETE multitrack recording studio for your PC.
CLICK HERE for Books, Music Videos - Find all new music hits. Listen to online Mtv radio stations. - Find new hits and videos. Find your favorite albums or artists.
Home Animated SMS Free SMS Logos Mobile phones
Copyright © 1999-2002 Samobesplatno. All rights reserved.
22.Google + Firefox = Free Music Downloads [01.09.2007]Relevancy 65%
Giles, Rdvh, Sindhu: Thanks for the excellent tip
lykadudz: Just add tagalog to the keyword or just type in the name of the song in tagalog - you may have some luck there
Sarah: Just bookmark any page - then modify from there
wisomarazecn said,
on July 30th, 2007 at 10:25 am
nice post
on August 2nd, 2007 at 5:44 am
on August 2nd, 2007 at 5:45 am
5 Ways to Find Free Music
Using Google | ShanKri-la said,
on August 14th, 2007 at 10:54 am
[…] of the earlier methods but simple enough to use Firefox’s lesser known feature, keyword. You just bookmark a Google […]
stupidsquid said,
on August 14th, 2007 at 3:42 pm
Tom Bishop said,
on August 17th, 2007 at 4:06 am
Absolutely fantastic ! Godbless you, your wife and your kids
Alva's daddy's blog said,
on August 17th, 2007 at 6:29 am
Fun Rider23Y said,
on ...
23.Download Music With Firefox and Google | J David [01.09.2007]Relevancy 65%
... to our full feed or comments feed.
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9 Responses to “
Download Music With Firefox and Google ”
Comments RSS
University Update - Firefox - Download Free Music and More!
[…] Contact the Webmaster Link to Article firefox Download Free Music and More! » Posted at J David on Thursday, […]
Paul T
That’s a handy way of using “index of” trick.
Dave RH
Wow, I haven’t seen that MP3 search trick before…totally blew my mind! I’m not really a big music collection guy. I don’t keep a bunch of MP3’s or CD’s around, but I like to listen to specific songs every now and then….kinda like a craving for a specific food.
Up until now, I’ve unfortunately been having to use MySpace music (ugh) to meet this need. However, you’ve presented a ...
24.Free Stuff Music Mp3 Files [28.08.2007]Relevancy 65%
Free Stuff:
Mp3 Files:
0800 Isp
Education Teaching
Food Drink
Health Beauty
Stuff Sites
More Categories
Newest Additions
Other Resources
© 1998-2005
(Free Stuff)
All Rights Reserved
NOTICE: We collect personal information on this site. Find out more
how we use this information and see our Privacy Policy!
Editor: Paul Grimes
Free Stuff Home
AUP Policies
Mp3 Files
Last Update: Tuesday, August 28, 2007 At: 1:27:36 (Total Listings: 10)
Free Kids Music
A bunch of quality children's music artists sharing some of their great music for free. ...
25.How To Stay Out Of Legal Trouble With Free Music Downloads - Info Source [01.09.2007]Relevancy 65%
... Usually whole CDs are created from MP3 files and sold through the net by people who have never even met the artiste or label personnel, let alone gotten permission to sell their music.
On a personal level, copyright laws allow you to make a copy of your own CD for your personal use. However the law does not allow you to give this copy to friends or another person. And it is illegal whether or not money changes hands.
So you need not feel guilty enjoying your MP3 files and free music downloads from smart musicians who are using the power of the internet to open up new markets for their business. But be very careful and constantly alert.
Related Information
Other information you may be interested in
Reasons That Motorcycle Accidents Occurs.
Auto Accident Attorney
Submarine Accidents Help With Improvements
Inexpensive Truck Accessories
Antique Jewelry Makes a Great Gift! Vintage Costume Jewelry is Fun to Give
Information Topics
AirplanesAn ...
26.Free Music for Your iPod | iLounge [31.08.2007]Relevancy 63%
... and also provide tutorials on creating your own.
Finding More Free and Legal Music Online
If you haven’t visited iLounge’s Free Music section yet, now’s the time. We’ve found a collection of great sites that tell you where to get the best new free and legal music online.
Besides the existing iLounge Discussion Forums, which host over 15,000 posts on music (and 3,000 on music formats), we have just added the new Free Music forum, where you can discuss legal places to find free music online.
Please verify that any links you submit qualify as “free, legal music downloads.” iLounge does not take any responsibility for verifying the legality of any of the sites or services listed, and encourages all users to be cautious before downloading and sharing any other person’s music online.
Jeremy Horwitz is Editor-in-Chief of iLounge.
Thank you for your support. Shop in the loungeStore
Another good website is, they offer free ...
27.Free mp3 files downloads || free mp3 music downloads site [21.07.2007]Relevancy 62%
download music free
Estimate my site
Very best
Very bad
[ Results · Archive ]
Answers: 36
Main page » 2007 » free mp3 downloads » FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS » free mp3 files downloads
Free mp3 files downloads
The Free, I music video downloads before from Archive ours about, he's from bands free mp3 files downloads Free among think, world amoungst free mp3 files downloads it Music free mp3 files downloads. Do take free mp3 files downloads Asia more America people would be sounds free mp3 files downloads are than in, beyond free mp3 files downloads found internet thereupon 200 mill thought what, hence industry next and been wherever the record, job done example — three from, games can, The of, downloading suing is right the free mp3 files downloads it did free mp3 files downloads with off belief, between great downloads the together free mp3 files downloads is.
Otherwise even and ...
28.Free Music Downloads - Free MP3's Downloads -(Free Music) ♫ ♫ [14.02.2007]Relevancy 62%
... for legal and free MP3 downloads. Download MP3s
from thousands of artists. - 75k -
Jun 25, 2005 - Cached - Similar pages - the source for digital
music!Offers online music destination which enables artists to
distribute and promote their music, and enables consumers to search,
sample and download music free ... - 42k - Jun 25, 2005 -
Cached - Similar pages Free Music Download, MP3 Music, Music Chat, Music
Video, Music CD ...Free Music
Downloads, MP3 Music, Music Videos and
Music CD's at discount prices - Artist Direct Network! This site is good resource for Cell Phones, Cell Phone Plans - 67k - Jun 25, 2005 - Cached - Similar pages
Napster - All the music you want. Any way you want it.Listen to and
download an unlimited amount of music. ... Enjoy over 50
commercial-free, interactive Napster Radio music stations and much more. - 22k - Jun 25, 2005 - Cached - Similar pages ...
29.Free MP3 and Free Music CDs [01.09.2007]Relevancy 61%
... and ShamsBeauty / HealthBooks / MagazinesCDs / CDROMs / DVDsComputer FreebiesSecurity FreebiesFamily FreebiesGaming FreebiesHoliday FunOnline GamesFree PrintablesFree ServicesFree SoftwareTeacher Freebies
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Before You BuyTop PicksBooks on Senior Freebies Product Reviews
Compare Prices
Travel Booking
Yellow Pages
Most Popular Articles
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> CDs / CDROMs / DVDs> Free MP3 and Free Music CDs
Free MP3 and Free Music
Get your free MP3 and standard music CDs here. Some sites offer free legal MP3 files and some offer good old audio CDs.
Articles & Resources
Sort By : Guide Picks | Alphabetical | Recent
Relax for FreeLife is rushed, full of stress, and sometimes a real pain in the neck. We all need a way to relax. McMaster University provides four free relaxation scripts as downloadable MP3 files.
Don't Download This SongEven if you are not normally a Weird Al fan, but you beleive that the ...
30.Free Christian Sheet Music, Lyrics, Midi Files [05.04.2006]Relevancy 61%
Free Christian Sheet Music, Midi
and MP3 Files
Free Christian sheet music, midi and
MP3 files
provided by All Psalms
Music, provides original songs for each
of the psalms,
including lyrics scores and guitar chords
for each psalm. Click on Home
or Christian Sheet
Music Directory links for further information and to access the songs.
General information relating to use of Christian
sheet music and related files.
Free Christian sheet music, midi and mp3 files are
provided at this time for non-commercial use. See Terms of Use
for further info and other uses. All music is original and
attempt to summarize the original wording and/or concept of a Psalm. Consistent with goals of teaching and praise, I've
attempted to create melodies that stick in the mind like oatmeal. The work reflects a
multiple year effort and will continue to grow and change over time.
The compositions encompass a variety of styles, including
traditional, contemporary, praise and worship, spirituals, devotional, ...
31.Music. Mp3 Search for Music..Music-E [23.06.2007]Relevancy 61%

Music. Music only search engine... find
the music, mp3, Music Videos you want when You want.
Free MP3 Service.
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Music Videos
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Music and Music ONLY. MP3. MIDI. Artists. Fan Clubs.
Everything about Music....Music-E.NET
Sheet Music
..., where to find free streaming music online [01.09.2007]Relevancy 59%
You are not logged in. The date is Friday, August 31, 2007
Join RadioMOI
Welcome to RadioMOI.
You have not subscribed or logged in. You will need to subscribe to one of our listener packages to access RadioMOI in its entirety. Once you subscribe and log in, you will be able to create your own shows from our On Demand content, as well as enjoy a wealth of other exclusive features. For more info about RadioMOI's subscription packages, please click HERE.
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If you have forgotten your Password you can generate a new one with your Member Name and the Email Address your registered with, HERE.
If you have your Member Name and the Password but are not yet a ...
33.Free Music and Free Legal MP3 from Independent Bands | Free Music Spot [31.08.2007]Relevancy 59%
... Hop
Submit a Band
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Free Music and
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Free Music Spot is your source for independent bands distributing free legal music. Our bands offer either legal free music downloads and/or streaming music. Our goal is to bring music fans to musicians that are willing to share a selection of their work before you buy. We believe that people are more willing to support musicians who are willing to share their music.
Turn your CD collection to the highest quality digital library. First 25 CDs ...
34.Free Music Downloads - Free Mp3 Downloads - Free Mp3 music [01.09.2007]Relevancy 58%
... go ahead and contact us! :)
Other site links:
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... Free WAV sound files, free sounds, music, MP3 files, music search engine, sound effects, MIDI [15.05.2007]Relevancy 58%
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37.poemproducer / 02 free music [01.09.2007]Relevancy 58%
02 free music

FREE refers to FREEDOM. not price. is this piece of sound. an anarchistic grass-root. based on delivery. RECEIVE agf stuff SUBJECT: personal. not for profit. play to your FRIENDS !
a new LAUB record is out. its a debate on blues and german language and contemporary realities. please keep your mind open
track number 16 of the 50 one minte pieces taken from NATURE NEVER PRODUCES THE SAME BEAT TWICE. from artist collaboration ZAVOLOKA AGF
the magazine ESOPUS#2 releases a CD <MISSED CONNECTIONS> features new music from agf/dlay ESOPUS MAG
while preparing a special compilation for japan i found this track. its laub 1996. i think i should upload ...
38.Mp3 - free mp3 files [01.09.2007]Relevancy 57%
... biedt de consument een enorm assortiment consumentenelektronica met uitgebreide service. : download volledig legale dvd films, games & foto's - is een van de eerste "downloadshops" waar de consument ruim 3800 items legaal kan downloaden; speelfilms, pc-software, pc-games, cursussen, mp3 albums, muziek-dvd's, kookrecepten, fotosets, wallpapers, textverhalen, audioverhalen en ook 18+ films.
Free Download in iTunes. Get free music and more from the iTunes store. - iTunes is de beste store voor het downloaden van muziek, en levert muziekfans de beste digitale muziekbeleving op pc of Mac. iTunes biedt de grootste wettelijk toegestane catalogus voor het downloaden van muziek - meer dan een miljoen nummers van onze vier grootste platenlabels en honderden onafhankelijke labels
1 Million Free and Legal Music Tracks - Free Music - One million free and legal music tracks for download and streaming. The world's largest specialist ...
39.Download music for free | free download mp3 music songs .. [01.09.2007]Relevancy 57%
... free movie music program, free music downloads, music downloads. Or downloads free movie music program, free music downloads, music downloads.
Free ipod limewire music, listen to music online for free without downloadsing :
Free ipod music videos, downloads free mp3 music video;
Free legal music downloads, listen to music without downloadsing;
Free ipod music video downloads, free mp3 music downloads mp3.
music downloads
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Check music downloads for plugin. music downloads pc Follow the music downloads free numbered steps myspace music downloads below. The limewire music downloads Best Music classical music downloads MP3 Download legal music downloads Collection. Many free music downloads independent and music downloads free unsigned musicians free ipod song downloads offer downloads music downloads free of their free music downloads music in free mp3 music downloads hopes of music downloads attracting ...
40.Free Mozart Symphony MP3 Files [01.09.2007]Relevancy 57%
You are here: About>Shopping>Freebies> CDs / CDROMs / DVDs> Free MP3 and Free Music CDs> Free Mozart Symphony MP3 Files
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Download Link:
Free Mozart MP3 Files
Where can I find good deals on Mozart CDs?
Mozart CD Deals
Most Popular
Free Internet Phone CallsFree Offers from WalmartFree Song LyricsFree Phone ...
41.Clone Remover - find duplicate files - duplicate file finder (pictures, mp3 and more) [01.09.2007]Relevancy 57%
... Features
Free download
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Our duplicate file finder - find duplicate mp3, find duplicate pictures and more!
Clone Remover(Duplicate file finder) is a software product that find duplicate files.
It will help you find duplicate files on your computer, including RAR and ZIP archives, for example, image files, music (mp3) files and more. There are five ways to find duplicate files.
1. Search by contents – files have different name but similar contents. For example, a file containing your photo can be located both in the "C:\My pictures\photographies\" and "D:\Temporary files\" folders. The file names can also be different.
2. Search by mp3 title – you can use this method when you find duplicate mp3 files. You may know that an mp3 file contains information about the track title, artist and album. Search by mp3 titles ...
42.Royalty Free Stock Music downloads and audio CDs from Flying Hands [01.09.2007]Relevancy 57%
... when as
new CDs are released.
Click here for our
Library of 40 CDs
with 2300 tracks
#New-StockMusic {float:right; width: 170px;
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a.oxplayer {
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Royalty Free Music - Stock Music - Production Music
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43.Musique,Free download music, mp3, midi,musique karaoke, [01.09.2007]Relevancy 57%
... a Crush On You,,How High The Moon.,,Smoke Gets In Your Eyes,,Darn That Dream,,
Dancing On The Ceiling,,September Song,,Moonlight in Vermont,,Blue Room,,All of You,,Here's that rainy day again,,Ghost Of a Chance,,incon2,,Remembering Frank,,Goodnite Frank........RIP,,
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GERMAN MIDI FILE ACCORDEON "Polkas, Oberks, Waltzs, Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes and more.
Get 5 Song ...
44.Free and Legal MP3 Downloads - Where To Download Free Music Online [01.09.2007]Relevancy 55%
You are here: About>Electronics Gadgets>Digital Music> Free Music> Free and Legal MP3 Downloads - Where To Download Free Music Online
Digital Music
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Free Christmas MusicBest MP3 Players Under $200Best MP3 Players Over $200Free and Legal MusicIs Downloading Music Legal?
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Top 8 Free and Legal Music Downloads - Where To Download Free MP3s Online
From Apply Now,
Your Guide to ...
45.Google Directory - Arts > Music > Sound Files > MP3 > Downloads [01.09.2007]Relevancy 55%
... -
Free legal downloads. Also offers charts, album reviews and new releases announces.
Danish-Techno -
Offers music in all the genres of techno for free download in mp3 format.
Planet Noise -
Virtual artist's pool, a place where a number of animated mucicians and DJs live. Listen to streams and download mp3.
The Free Music Archive -
Free music
from bands from around the world.
Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web.
Submit a Site - Open Directory Project -
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46.Free music software, midi files, mp3s, online music lessons, sheet music, Midi and MP3 players [28.08.2007]Relevancy 55%
... recorder, a mixer, lots of effects and a MIDI sequencer in one package.
The Lite version is freeware.
Quarz Audio Master Freeware sound editor, recorder and mixer for Windows.
Vocal remover Removes vocals from audio tracks.
WavePad Free Windows program for recording and editing sound data.
It supports cut, copy and paste, effects (like echo, amplification and noise reduction), the file formats
wav, mp3, vox, gsm, real audio, au, aif, flac, ogg and more.
Non-free Music and
Sound editors
Audiotools Sound recorder and MP3 Converter for Windows. An evaluation version is available. Price: $ 25.
FlexiMusic Composer A multi-track program for composing, editing and mixing of music using sampled instrument sounds.
An evaluation version for Windows is available, the registration price is $20.
FlexiMusic Wave Editor Powerful audio editor with support for huge-file editing, effects, cut/copy/paste/delete, undo, mix, MP3, WAV, WMA, AU, RAW, SND, etc.
An evaluation ...
47.Google: Find Free MP3s, WMAs, OGGs, and Other Music Files - [01.09.2007]Relevancy 54%
... Google to Find Free MP3s, WMAs, OGGs, and Other Music Fi by ashboss
google queries by Anonymous
still dun understand by Anonymous
Thanx by deepesh
finding mp3s on macs by scrudafubakindda
hmm by bunnyhero
Re: Use Google to Find Free MP3s, WMAs, OGGs, and Other Music Fi by webthing
Re: Use Google to Find Free MP3s, WMAs, OGGs, and Other Music Fi by bluflame
Help on this topic by rajmv
okies by almighty1
Related recipes:
Google: Search College Networks for Open Directories Free Music and Video Files
Google for Free iTunes Plus (.m4a) Songs
Google: Search Rapidshare For Free Videos, Music, Archives, and Other Files
Use Google to Find Free Video Files (avi, mpg,wmv)
Google: Search eSnips for Free Videos, Music, eBooks, Comics, and Archives
Download Free Cell Phone Videos (3gp) with Google
Google: Search for Creative Commons License and License-Free Information
Google for Free Comic Books
Google: Send Free SMS from the Web to Cell Phones for Free
Google Desktop Search ...
48.Links to Tens of Thousands of Legal Music Downloads [24.08.2007]Relevancy 54%
... from Independent Artists and Labels
Calabash Music - World Music Downloads
eClassical -
the world's largest classical music download shop
Audio Lunchbox -
Largest indie-only ala carte digital music store with No DRM offering 192
VBR MP3 and Ogg Vorbis
Royalty Free Music
& Background Music
- from Award Winning Music
1001 massivetracks -
Royalty free Music and Gemafreie Musik
The Music Tracks Library
- Royalty free music for multimedia projects
- Royalty Free Music and
Sound Effects - Gemafreie Musik
und Geräusche (in German - here is Google's translation)
- Royalty Free Music
Beatport - the leader in online digital dance music
Repeal the Copyright Act!
Let's Keep File Sharing Safe and Legal.
Sixty million Americans use peer-to-peer applications to trade files.
That's more people than voted for George Bush. If we work together, we
can shake up the government so profoundly that sharing music - anyone's
music - is no longer illegal.
49.Free Mp3 Downloads - legal [01.09.2007]Relevancy 54%
... so... Normally you have to download illegal mp3 files to be able to skip the paying part, but here you will find sources to thousands of legal free mp3 downloads. Check out this site, use it actively and soon you will be the proud owner of thousands of legal quality mp3 and music files.
Click here for tons of legal music downloads!
Good Downloading!
Acid planet- very good and not so good mp3`s Alt sounds - alternative free mp3 downloads - free music - Plenty of free music
- mp3 downloads from netlabels (can be slow) - live mp3 downloads (not the same as above)
Artistopia - thousands of free mp3 downloads Audiri - amateur directory, bullshit to incredible good downloads
Blentwell - -
various free music
Commontunes - -
music downloads
d1rt7 - beats, breaks, mixes, shit... - old fashioned music broadcast djouls - electronic, hip hop, jazz, pop, rock, reggae, world ...
50.Free Downloadable Music - Find Free Downloadable Music on the Web - Use the Web to find Free Downloadable Music [01.09.2007]Relevancy 54%
Find Free Movie DownloadsFree Reverse LookupFree Movie Downloads Part 2How to Add Music to MySpaceMapquest Directions
Free Downloadable Music
From Wendy Boswell,
Your Guide to Web Search.
FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now!
Find Free Downloadable Music on the Web
Free downloadable music on the Web really does exist; as long as you're willing to listen to music other than what's on the radio and top 40 (for the most part). Here are a few places on the Web where you can find free music downloads: system:filetype:mp3: I came across this nifty little trick a while back; you can find all the mp3 files tagged at this way. - Custom Radio: Indy makes it easy for you to find great new independent music. Just download Indy and double-click: as it plays songs, you rate what you hear. Indy quickly learns what you like and gets really smart about sending you more music you'll enjoy.
Pandora: I was in on the beta testing of Pandora and I LOVED it. You ...
51.FREE MP3 MUSIC DOWNLOADS .... music mp3 downloads, mp3 free downloads, free downloadable indian mp3 songs, kannada mp3 downloads, mp3 downloads for mac, downloads for mp3 [06.07.2005]Relevancy 54%
... english mp3 downloads, fast mp3 downloads, find free mp3 downloads, fre mp3 downloads, free chinese mp3 downloads, free downloads for mp3, free downloads mp3, free downloads mp3 songs, free downloads of mp3 songs, free english mp3 downloads, free hindi mp3 downloads, free hindi mp3 songs downloads, free mp3 downloads for mac, free mp3 downloads hindi, free mp3 downloads music, free mp3 file downloads, free mp3 hindi downloads, free mp3 songs downloads, free music downloads mp3, free music mp3 downloads, free telugu mp3 downloads, ftp mp3 downloads, full album mp3 downloads, full mp3 downloads, garage mp3 downloads, gospel mp3 downloads, grateful dead mp3 downloads, greek mp3 downloads, hindi mp3 downloads, hindi mp3 free downloads, hindi mp3 songs downloads, hindi songs mp3 downloads, indian mp3 downloads, jazz mp3 downloads, kannada mp3 downloads, karaoke mp3 downloads, kenshin mp3 downloads, korean mp3 downloads, korn mp3 downloads, latest hindi mp3 downloads, live mp3 ...
52.Piolet - Free music downloads, mp3 downloads [01.09.2007]Relevancy 52%
... go through our private
p2p protocol, generating hundreds of results in a matter of seconds.
Downloads come in a non-HTTP optimized mode, utilizing up to 100% of
your available speed. Let's download music, Get it now
Easy-to-use and user-friendly! Check out some
screenshots here.
Totally decentralized.
Piolet can't be shutdown.
The fastest searches, the fastest downloads.
Because of our use of UDP.
Scalability to give you access to UNLIMITED
amounts of free music and
free mp3 downloads.
All the great features you could ask for: Media
Player, Hot List, Weblinks support, Advanced Search, Multisource and
Autoresumable downloads, Chat, voice Chat, Playlist, and much more!
New version 1.99 available!
Improved, customizable GUI.
Brand new player, always visible.
SHA-1 Hashing, (gnutella compatible).
Better weblink support.
New playlist manager.
Select multiple results for download.
CPU and Memory usage controls.
Protocol improvements on ...
53.Geek to Live: Find free music on the web - Lifehacker [01.09.2007]Relevancy 52%
#sidebar #skyscraper,
#sidebar #button {
margin: 0;
padding: 4px;
background-color: #fff;
border-top: 0;
border-bottom: 0;
#sidebar {
margin-left: 10px;
width: 160px;
padding-right: 20px;
#sidebar #skyscraper iframe,
#sidebar #button iframe {
border: 0;
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... [01.09.2007]Relevancy 52%
What you need, when you
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55.Austin Rudy's MP3 Christmas Music, MP3 Christian Music, MP3 Country Music and MP3 Christmas Songs from Texas and Carolina, MP3, Sheet music, Finale, and MIDI files for vocal, choir, choral and band [21.06.2006]Relevancy 52%
Austin Rudy's Original Christmas music and Christmas songs direct from Austin, Texas to you! MP3!
Welcome to Austin Rudy's Christmas Music Web site. I compose Christmas songs which stress traditional American values. Although the compositions are presented in an adult contemporary/country/pop format, the songs can be sung in multiple styles ranging from jazz to choral arrangements.
New Christmas music and Christmas songs from Austin, Texas, written by Austin Rudy, are here.
Our small firm has, at present, four adult contemporary, country and western pop songs available for
free download:
Sheet music for choir, band, orchestra, symphony, and symphony orchestra;
Musical versions in country/pop and big band in
FINALE orchestrations.
The original versions of two Austin Rudy Christmas songs can be HEARD or DOWNLOADED (by right-click on a PC, for Mac save the source) in full stereo in MP3 format:
(1) Merry Christmas U.S.A. ...
56.Finding DRM-Free Music Online [01.09.2007]Relevancy 52%
... great electronic music, check out Beatport. These guys are leading the industry for electronic (dance) music. Beatport’s app-like flash GUI is top-notch…
August 25th, 2007 at 10:45 pm
Linux and Mac users should be able to download music from walmart through this link
When “checking out” you must download songs individually.
Sarah Davies
August 26th, 2007 at 8:22 pm
There’s also a search engine to find DRM-free music:
August 28th, 2007 at 5:39 am
The question to ask about Amie St.: does the price go down as the track looses popularity? I think they have a great concept of putting the emphasis on promoting new music. They have a social networking scheme combined with a rewards scheme to help accomplish this. They strike a balance between pricing new bands out of the market, and pricing the more popular bands well below their real market value.
Emusic is still my primary ...
57.Digg - Universal to track DRM-free music online via watermarking [01.09.2007]Relevancy 52%
... the next step; but it is not the current one.
View 1 reply to this comment (most popular has 1 digg)
-1 diggs
by Emachine on 08/16/2007
Can it really be too hard to work around the watermark? Play the file on a software music player, capture the output. (some players make it really easy) Share the new file with your friends.
View 2 replies to this comment (most popular has 1 digg)
+1 diggs
by truegodofwar on 08/16/2007
Um, couldn't you just take your DRM free music and re-encode it with a different codec at a different bit-rate?
View 1 reply to this comment (most popular has 1 digg)
+3 diggs
by dogel on 08/16/2007
Prediction: By the end of the trial, Universal will publish their findings which will justify their putting DRM's on their shit. It doesn't matter if their findings are even legitimate, or even if they actually looked for their watermarked songs, all that matters is the publicity the story will receive when they have their 'hard' proof ...
58.Duplicate MP3 File Finder Free Download - Find and delete duplicate MP3 files on your computer. [01.09.2007]Relevancy 52%
... file finder
iTunes Duplicate entires in music library
Duplicate song file detection
duplicate file removal tools
Search for duplicate files
avoid duplicate downloads
Finding Duplicate Media Files
Managing Large Music Libraries
duplicate mp3s in itunes
Dublicate files
MP3 Orgainizer
Duplicate Music Matcher
MP3 organizing software
Duplicate Files
duplicate audio file
help with identifying mp3 duplicates
MP3 Collection needs sorting
Find Duplicate Music Files
How to find same mp3 files

Mp3 Filter
Finds dupe files
MP3 sorter
double mp3s
Large mp3 collection
find duplicate mp3 file
mp3 duplicate
duplicate mp3 finder
find duplicate mp3
abee duplicate mp3
remove duplicate mp3 file
remove duplicate mp3
duplicate and mp3 and file and finder
abee duplicate finder mp3 number serial
duplicate file finder mp3
free duplicate mp3
(C) 2006
59.MP3 recordings and Free Electronic Music MP3 Files by Duncan Long [01.09.2007]Relevancy 52%
If you want to "cut to the chase," then you can
listen to my MP3 and streaming music at this link.
I've been creating synthesized electronic music for several decades now using everything from musique concrиte (yes, a fancy French phrase for manipulating taped sounds) to one of the earliest ARP 2600s (in Kansas, at least) as well as an ARP Pro Soloist and (on occasion) used an ARP 2500 and an ARP Odyssey, though I generally did most of my work on the 2600.
My ARP 2600 was augmented with additional home-brew equipment that I either designed and built or which I assembled (and also often modified) from kits sold by PAiA Electronics, Inc. (which today still sells a variety of synthesizer kits and synthesizers that are worth checking out); I also "bread-boarded" circuits together using the then-new technology of the day: Integrated Circuits. And, yes, I even did a little tinkering inside the case of the ARP 2600 itself, adding some large capacitors to create an echo like ...
60.Berklee Shares: free music lessons, mp3, quicktime and pdf files download [01.09.2007]Relevancy 51%
... Guitar Lessons
Music Production School
Feedback - Tell Us Your Story
Frequently Asked Questions
White Paper
Press Area
Join the Berklee Shares
Mailing List
Terms of Use
Legal Notice
Privacy Policy
© 2003-2007
Berklee College of Music
Some Rights Reserved.
Berkleemusic online music courses and certificate programs begin October 1st , 2007. Enroll now!
Welcome to the Berklee Shares Web site. Here you will find free music lessons that you can download, share and trade with your friends and fellow musicians.
Berklee Shares is:
Individual self-contained music lessons developed by Berklee faculty and alumni.
Free and open to the music community around the world.
A library of MP3 audio, QuickTime movie, and PDF files.
A glimpse into the educational opportunities provided by Berklee.
Please download these lessons and share them with your friends. Let us know what other types of free lessons you would like to ...
61.Mp3 Downloads ,MP3 files, free music downloads, Top 20 , music, MP3, Mp3 Music, New Songs, Mp3s Top 20 Site [23.02.2007]Relevancy 51%
Mp3 Downloads ,MP3 files,Free Mp3s, free music downloads, Top Digs , music, MP3, Mp3 Music, Mp3s Top Digs
MUSIC MOLE digs up some of the coolest Mp3 downloads from various music sites on the internet, working underground to find songs and artists that need to be heard
bringing them to the surface.
If you would like to make us aware of your music or tell us about a song or artist that is on the internet, you can email us at:
You can email us the song file as an attachment or
just drop us a note telling the web address (url)
and we'll check it out.
Or mail us a CD to:
Music Mole
P O Box 120931
Arlington, TX 76012
Home | Top Digs | Contact Music Mole | Featured Artists
Please send email to
with questions or comments about this site.
Music Mole© copyright 1999 All Rights Reserved
All source code on this site is the sole property of Music Mole and may not be copied in whole or part without the ...
62.Mp3 Downloads ,MP3 files, free music downloads, Top 20 , music, MP3, Mp3 Music, New Songs, Mp3s, Top Digs [23.02.2007]Relevancy 51%
Mp3 Downloads ,MP3 files,Free Mp3s, free music downloads, Top Digs , music, MP3, Mp3 Music, Mp3s Top Digs
MUSIC MOLE digs up some of the coolest Mp3 downloads from various music sites on the internet, working underground to find songs and artists that need to be heard
bringing them to the surface.
Check out the
Who's Who
of artists previously on MUSIC MOLE.
Download MusicMatch
is not a record label or a manager for any of the artists on our site and none of the artists have paid us to publicize and promote them. We simply want to help make people aware of more of the new and different Mp3 music that's out there. We are grateful that we are building such a big following as a result of finding good music downloads. Thank you for visiting
If you would like to make us aware of your music or tell us about a song or artist that is on the internet (web), email us at:
If you would like to ...
63.EMI, Apple To Sell DRM-Free Music for $1.29/song [01.09.2007]Relevancy 51%
... battery resources)
Unfortunately for some the industry will never be able to go far enough. It’s impossible competing against ‘free’ for some, and the industry will just have to continue educating these folk the hard way. (through the legal system)
Harry L
April 2nd, 2007 at 8:12 am
I applaud the move in general, but it’s misleading to say that this is offering high quality audio. It is still a lossy medium. What they are really doing is charging a higher price for DRM free music, and they will see if the public buys it.
Since the sound quality is still inferior to cd’s I don’t think this will spell the end of cd’s just yet. There are still a few people out there that listen to music on decent stereo systems, not just portable players.
April 2nd, 2007 at 8:32 am
I never thought I’d see the day. That being said, EMI/Apple are taking a big risk here - if EMI sales don’t show big gains, the DRM-free concept will be poisoned for the rest of the labels. And ...
64.MONSTAAR RECORDS - FREE MP3 FILES - Download Free Music from noise, experimental, goth bands. [01.09.2007]Relevancy 50%
CHICKENBOX! - Yourstupid [CD]
- flutzenburg [MP3]
> More FREE MP3 files at CHICKENBOX Myspace [NEW WIN]
* Listen to the entire CD free
CHICKENBOX! - Number Two [CD]
- screwdriver [MP3]
> More FREE MP3 files at CHICKENBOX Myspace [NEW WIN]
COMEJUNGLE - Hard To Dance To Dance Songs [CD]
- you always go back [MP3]
> More FREE MP3 files at COMEJUNGLE Myspace [NEW WIN]
!FAT BLACK STATIC - Red Magnetic Dragon [CD]
- atomik [MP3]
> More FREE MP3 files at !FAT BLACK STATIC Myspace [NEW WIN]
- her bruises [MP3]
> More FREE MP3 files at GLORIOVS DEAD Myspace [NEW WIN]
* Listen to the entire CD free
- rhythmkiller [MP3]
- real boys [MP3]
> More FREE MP3 files at MOX_DELPHINOV Myspace [NEW WIN]
NIÑA FEA - The Original is a Variation of Something That Already Exists [CD]
- i am a fish [MP3]
65.mfiles - free mp3 files to download, classical, original and other music styles [31.08.2007]Relevancy 50%
Other Styles
Sheet Music
Film Music
MP3 files
About MP3
Other Styles
Links Page
Classical Music Downloads by Frederik Magle
Top 10 MP3 downloads during August
Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D
Joplin - The Entertainer
Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata, 1st movement
Boccherini - Minuet
Beethoven - Minuet in G
Beethoven - Fur Elise
Tchaikovsky - Sugar Plum Fairy (from The Nutcracker)
Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, 1st movement
Bach - Toccata and Fugue in Dm
Bach - Prelude 24 from Book1 of the WTC
Lots more free Classical MP3 files from mfiles.
Edvard Grieg's "Lyric Pieces" for Piano
The composer Edvard Grieg was born in Norway of Scottish descent, and is best known for the way he incorporated the styles of Norwegian folk music into his works. Among ...
66.Royalty Free Music - Production Music Downloads [25.07.2007]Relevancy 50%
... you are taken to your own exclusive area within this website where your music files are waiting in high quality 256-bit MP3 format - all you have to do is download the royalty free music you selected. You can re-visit this secure area of our website at your leisure and as often as you need to for up to 8 hours.
Royalty Free Music - File Delivery
All our deliveries are in high quality MP3 file format, which has become the standard for online purchases of royalty free music and is now widely accepted in the media industries. However - to ensure the best audio sound quality we use only audiofile level industry-standard software to create our files, encoded at 256-bit MP3, so you won't hear any of those annoying audio artifacts sometimes found on inferior recorded files. The royalty free music tracks you download to your MP3 player, edit suite or computer sound just like you're playing a CD (not a vinyl record!) , as they should.
Our royalty free production music is ...
67.1 Million Free and Legal Music Tracks - Free Music [01.09.2007]Relevancy 50%
1 Million Free and Legal Music Tracks - Free Music
1 Million Free and Legal Music Tracks
Mega Portals Review Sites Specialist General Miscellaneous
Streaming Collaborative Net Labels Non-English Band Sites
Link Fest
Erik Brown's MP3 Links
I really have to put Erik's site in the position of honour at the top of this web page, since it features an awesomely large collection of mp3 music site links arranged in an easy to use layout. If you're looking for free music on the Internet, in a superb selection of eclectic, mainstream and world music genres, this has to be your first port of call. Absolutely!!
Monkeyfilter Audioblog Wiki
Taken from the amazing Tofu Hut site. An absolutely humungous list of mp3 blogs, offering music to stream and download in an awesome selection of genres. Go there. Do yourself a favour. The wiki is only editable by Monkeyfilter members, but it's still fabulous. Really!
Oddio Overplay
Astonishingly massive music resource ...
68.Open Directory - Arts: Music: Sound Files: Samples and Loops [04.08.2007]Relevancy 50%
... and sound fx available for purchase via download, with audio previews.
Remix Online - A portal for professional and amateur remixers and producers. Samples, software and technical news, forum, downloads.
RetroSounds - Acid Jazz Sessions, quality loops with electric and acoustic upright bass, drums, and Rhodes.
Russian Sounds - Russian ethnic vocal samples recorded in one of the oldest Russian provinces.
Sample Gate - Sample site providing sounds, samples, loops, royalty free music, and effects in MP3 format.
Samplecraze - Sample CD's and CD-Roms for Akai and Emu / Ensoniq samplers, Soundfont developers.
Sampled - Looped beats, synthesiser samples, and bass loops.
Samples4u Network - Free samples and loops in categories, as well as music shareware downloads and an upload area.
SensoMusic - Free sound samples, free concerts, electronic music.
Smart Loops - Guitar, bass, drum, and percussion loops that work with Cakewalk, Acid or any other DAW capable of importing WAV ...
69. [01.09.2007]Relevancy 49% - free file sharing and storage - music and mp3 sharing
Free file sharing
Sign Up
Quick Tour
Enjoy your music with 4shared
User login
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Do not have 4shared ID?
Signing up is easy.
Upload music files
Build a music library
Share your files with anyone
Enjoy your music
Join 4shared
for free
music files
Build a
music library
music sharing
• 1 GB free space
• Unlimited bandwidth
• 24-hour access to your music
• Stream any type of music (mp3, ogg, wav etc.)
Collect your favourite songs or whole music albums, upload and store them within your personal library. It takes a few minutes only to share your music files with others.
Build a music library online and manage your favourite files there. You can rename and delete songs from your virtual drive, or email link to your ...
70.Webcam Chat, Webcam Communities, FREE Techno Dance Music MP3s, Java Games, Surreal Art, Short Stories [01.05.2007]Relevancy 49%
... to many search engines and directories to save you searching them out when submitting your own site.
A Free For All links page
Your browser doesn't appear to support FRAMES, but you can still enter... HERE
Below, you will find a site map, of this entire website. This is only included to make the site easier for search engines to index, it being much easier for people to navigate the site in the conventional manner by clicking on `enter` above.
Techno and Dance Music and mp3
Benway`s alternative techno, dance and instrumental mp3 downloads
Techno and Dance Bands MP3 Directory
Techno and Dance Bands mp3s, A ... Techno and Dance Bands mp3s, B ...
Techno and Dance Bands mp3s, C ...
Techno and Dance Bands mp3s, D ...
Techno and Dance Bands mp3s, E ...
Techno and Dance Bands mp3s, F ...
Techno and Dance Bands mp3s, G ...
Techno and Dance Bands mp3s, H ...
Techno and Dance Bands mp3s, I ...
Techno and Dance Bands mp3s, J ...
Techno and Dance Bands mp3s, K ...
71.Solo Piano Music: Free MP3 Downloads | New Age Piano [31.08.2007]Relevancy 49%
Relax, refresh and restore with beautiful New Age piano music
music 1
music 2
music 3
music 4
free sheet music
your comments
info for artists
contact us
via RSS or email
Healing Piano
Solo Piano Music
Solo Piano Reviews
Solo Piano Radio
Yamaha Keyboard
Roland Keyboards
Orchestral Instruments
Buy Violins
Music Toys
Toy Pianos
Musical Instruments
OMG It's Free
The Free Site
Solo New Age Piano Music: Free MP3 Downloads
Long Island resident Jennifer Haines returns to the spotlight here on FSP...this time with two songs from her latest album, Thoughts & Dreams. Check out "Flurries" and the title track, "Thoughts and Dreams", both available on the Music 3 page.
And two new artists have joined our ranks this time as well:
72.Download mp3s, AVIs, wavs and other files for free. [12.06.2007]Relevancy 49%
... a few direct links to
refer to on this site.
are a few direct links to
refer to on this site.
These links will open
in a new window for your convenience!
By following the link,
you are leaving this site, so be sure to bookmark us.
list of free
music downloads
Movies on demand.
The source for digital music!
Free MP3 music downloads
Royalty Free Music
Royalty Free Music
offers a comprehensive music library of production music for your various royalty free music needs.
Direct .com
music download, MP3 music, music chat, music videos, music CDs.
DivX movies for free.
Free DVD
movie downloads
Big supply available in many
Free downloads, music. Totally
Music, Mp3
73.American Patriotic Music and Songs: MP3 files for Download [01.09.2007]Relevancy 49%
Home | New MP3s | Top MP3s
American Patriotic Music
Free MP3 downloads
American Patriotic Music
Here's a collection of traditional American patriotic songs, early
American music, and classical music selections that quote patriotic
Irving Berlin's most famous patriotic song is God Bless
America, but he wrote many others, including When I Get Back to the USA from
1915. The chorus includes America ( My Country
'Tis of Thee ) in counterpoint with Berlin's tune.
Sometimes called the first American song, My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free was
written by Francis Hopkinson, an early American composer and a signer
of the Declaration of Independence.
This setting of Yankee Doodle with
Variations was composed by James Hewitt (1770-1827), an early
American composer and music publisher.
Francis Scott Key's famous poem The Star-Spangled
Banner was sung to dozens of different tunes. This simple arrangement, published in 1816 by
Carr's Music Store in ... free music, free MP3, MIDIs, mp3s, WAV files, P2P, mp3 files, free mp3, Kazaa, freebies, free music, Morpheus, P2P, file sharing programs, sound files [11.02.2007]Relevancy 47%
Subscribe to's
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Free Sounds Free Sounds and Music
The Web offers a treasure trove of free sound, music and other multimedia files. These range from MP3 files, ...
75.Magnatune: license music and MP3 download [31.08.2007]Relevancy 47%
How music licensing works
Our Compilations:
New albums by:
Robert Rich
Philharmonia Baroque
Ambient Teknology
Zucker Andon Ranck and Lo
Trio Dafne
Altri Stromenti
American Bach Soloists
American Baroque
Andreas Haefliger
Antonio Meneses
Listen to over 500 hand-picked complete albums.
If you like what you hear, download an album for as little as $5 (you pick the price), or buy a real CD, or license our music for commercial use. You'll get MP3s & WAVs, and no copy protection (DRM), ever.
(more info)
Brad Sucks
Robert Rich
Falling You
Robert Rich
Musica Franca
Trip Wamsley
(New Age)
Lara St John
Ehren Starks
(New Age)
Vito Paternoster
Robert ...
76.Free Music Wav Files [02.09.2006]Relevancy 47%
Free Music:
Wav Files:
Main Categories

Midi Files
Mp3 Files
Sheet Music
Sound Effects
Wav Files
More Categories
Newest Additions
© 1998-2005
(Free Music)
All Rights Reserved
NOTICE: We collect personal information on this site. Find out more
how we use this information and see our Privacy Policy!
Editor: Ryan Norfolk
Free Music Home
AUP Policies
Wav Files
Last Update: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 At: 10:5:44 (Total Listings: 6)
Free Samples And Loops
over 10,000 wav samples and loops ready to drop directly into Acid or any other audio application that supports WAV files. Each sample has an acidized beat count and root key reference (where relevant). Within these preview pages there are over 300 free demo wav samples for you to download before deciding to become a member of Platinumloops.
(Rating: 5.00 out of 5 On 1 Votes!) Vote Here! Why ...
77.Royalty Free Music by UniqueTracks [01.06.2007]Relevancy 47%
... used to describe our services is royalty free music. The majority of new visitors to our web site reach us through some type of search that includes the term royalty-free . Unfortunately this term is fraught with misconceptions.
This is mainly because royalty-free music contains the word free. We get a lot of inquiries that go something like this:
by royalty free music, you mean free music, don t you?
do you know where I can get some 'free' royalty-free music?
royalty free music
means copyright free doesn't it?
The three questions above highlight common misconceptions about what production music libraries do.
Production Music Libraries
Companies like UniqueTracks are in business to provide a fast and economical way for you to acquire the legal rights you need to use music as soundtrack in your own work. The simple online purchase of a music track immediately grants you the Synchronization and Master Use rights that you need to legally use the track in your ...
78.Hot Music,Free MP3 Download,Top MTV Songs Hits, Music Charts, midis n Lyrics,Rock,Pop,Rap,hip hop [01.09.2007]Relevancy 47%
... ,Music Videos ,Dance Albums
Hot Mp3s Lyrics
Free Midis , Free Mp3s Downloads , Free Music Cds. Free MP3 Music Players, Guitar Tabs, Lyrics, Sheet Music, MIDI, CD Covers, Music Videos, much more. Mp3 search engine to music links for free download from top artists hit list bands.
Daily Udate Mp3s. 100% free
Latest Free Mp3 Music Download, Free Mp3 Music Hits Download, Fresh Mp3 Club Hits, Free Music Videos, Free Music Software Downloads. Live statistics and Music forum to read / share views. Easy search for songs, albums, lyrics.
The Top 25 Mp3
The number 1 Source of high quality Mp3 Listed .
79.Pass The Shareware: Search For Free Mp3 Files in Usenet Newsgroups And More! [14.05.2007]Relevancy 47%
... ...Mediamaster lets you store all your music in one place and access it from any internet connected computer or stream player.
Audiri ...find music you like -- bands can upload their music and you can listen to it. Features: music conveniently grouped into genres, advanced search functionality, top 100, etc.
Yahoo! Music - Lyrics access to the lyrics for tons of songs. No spyware or malware like you find on other lyrics sites.
Lycos-Music ...find MP3 files,
search for MP3s by artist name or song title, top artists, and more.
AudioFind Usenet Newsgroups for mp3 and other audio files.
Winamp Skins ...a nice collection of submitted Winamp skins available for download at the Winamp site. All skins are rated by their staff, and it's quite easy to find the custom look you want for your Player.
MP3 Info ...mp3 Techniques, Tutorials, Faq's.
Related Resources...
Mp3 Players, Audio Players etc...
MIDI Music...
80.Free MP3 music files on CoolFreebieLinks [29.08.2007]Relevancy 47%
... copyright laws. However, we strongly recommend you view every sites policy/terms of use page for complete details on their hosted or listed music file content. Follow your own conscience after that as to whether to download or not. Last but not least, we recommend that you always use a good antivirus program when downloading any files from the internet.
Related free offer categories: Free Audio | Free Midi Files | Free Ringtones | Free Sound Software | Free Wav Files
Have a free mp3 files
offer you want listed here?
Tell us about it ...................... Click here for details.
Great Instrumental Downloads
Ok, lets get this out of the way first. We really, really like this site! In fact we liked it so much, we spent the better part of two hours on it during our review. If you're into totally legal, genuine, quality and unique independent instrumental music, you're going to like this site too. The site doesn't have hundreds of files for's all about quality ... free music, free MP3, MIDIs, mp3s, WAV files, P2P, mp3 files, free mp3, Kazaa, freebies, free music, Morpheus, P2P, file sharing programs, sound files [17.08.2007]Relevancy 47%
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The Web offers a treasure trove of free ...
82.MusicMoz - Sound Files: MP3: Downloads [17.03.2005]Relevancy 47%
... of black music
featuring new artist and producers.
Number One MP3 - Free MP3 and mpegs for download.
Original MP3 Archive - Download from many MP3 charts including US, UK, Euro, Billboard and an archive. - More than 200 free MP3 downloads from independent artists like Vigilantes of Love and Over The Rhine. Requires email sign-up.
Roswell MP3s - Contains MP3 files of songs that have been featured on the television show 'Roswell'.
Royalty Free Music - Royalty Free Music for download, along with CDs of the music for sale.
Shabak's MP3 Page - Top MTV and club songs, forums, chat, request songs, an MP3 community with mailing lists, frequent updates.
Vitaminic - European music and artists. Includes downloads, news, reviews, charts, software and hardware.
WinMX - Share all sorts of music files from MP3 to Wav formats
Wondermeat Interactive Media - Full album downloads of Arizona Bands. Also offers "Blackgoat Radio" broadcasting local and live music 24/7.
This ...
83.Free MP3 Music and Free mp3 download [03.06.2007]Relevancy 47%
Free Mp3 Music Free Mp3 Download Free Mp3 Radio Free Mp3 search engine Free Music download
- Your Final Mp3 Destination
Mp3 Albums
Mp3 Singles
Mp3 Hardware
Mp3 Software
Mp3 Radio
Mp3 Help
Mp3 links
>> Choose your destination:
Webmasters Link your site! <<
>> Get notified by e-mail when we add new Mp3's email:
AuctionAds: Increase the bid on your site's income!
Copyright 2000-2007 All rights reserved.Privacy Statement
84.MusicMoz - Sound Files: MP3 [17.03.2005]Relevancy 47%
... USounds - The home of the global pop underground. MP3, news, and reviews from around the world.
Webopedia: MP3 - This page describes the term 'MP3' and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information. - Captioned 'the surfer friendly MP3 site', this site provides easy access to many MP3 files from different styles. The site also has other content including news headlines, software, hardware reviews, skins, addons, and lyrics.
ZDNet Music - Digital music and MP3
news, reviews, downloads, and software.
Related Categories:
Computers: Audio Formats: MP3
This category needs an editor
Copyright © 2001-2005
85.MP3 Arena: Free Mp3 Downloads Songs [01.09.2007]Relevancy 46%
Link Exchange
Free Song Lyrics
Music Community
CD Covers
MP3 Ringtones
Full Albums
Full Albums #2
MP3 Archive A-Z
Music Videos
MP3 Charts
Top Downloads
Latest MP3
Download MP3
MP3 Decoders
MP3 Encoders
MP3 Players
MP3 Rippers
MP3 Utilities
Winamp Skins
Full MP3 Albums
Download Music
Free Music
Free MP3 Songs
Free Mp3 Downloads
MP3 Downloads
Free MP3
Music Albums
Eminem mp3
Pussycat Dolls mp3
Timbaland mp3
Rihanna mp3
Sean Paul mp3
50 Cent mp3
Kelly Clarkson mp3
James Blunt mp3
Linkin Park mp3
Green day mp3
Kanye West mp3
Fall Out Boy mp3
MP3 Albums section:
August 28, 2007 - 5 albums.
August 27, 2007 - 2 albums.
MP3 Songs section:
August 31, 2007 - 600 mp3s.
August 30, 2007 - 84 mp3s.
General site news:
May 02, 2007 - Babe of the month is updated ...
86.Dream State Music Experiment - Download free mp3 files [11.07.2007]Relevancy 46%
are here: Acoustica > Dream State
Welcome to
the Music Experiment!
the dawn of the new era of music distribution and digital
content downloads, Acoustica & Dream State have decided to
offer free downloads of 4 MP3 files from Dream State's
albums : "Clockwork Mannequin" & "Night
Free Mp3 files!
Full track downloads!]
Full Album(s) now! (Support Dream State!)
(Purchase options include digital download or delivery physical
Biography (About Dream State)
free Dream State MP3 files (Full/complete MP3 files!)
to burn these mp3s to an audio CD? Try Acoustica
MP3 CD Burner !
Legal notice: All Acoustica software is legal & licensed for MP3 encoding & decoding. (Not all software can legally create & use MP3s! Check the approved/licensed company list, if you are unsure of your software.) Acoustica ™ is a ...
87.Dream State Music Experiment Download - Free Mp3 files! [11.07.2007]Relevancy 46%
are here: Acoustica
> Dream State > Biography
Dream State Music Experiment
Download! Biography
the password and download the entire
"Night Tripper" album!
Buy the
"Night Tripper"
"Night Tripper" can only be described as a dance concept
album. Taking you on a journey from an almost meditational
state, to fast and furious psychedelic groovy vibes!
MP3 tracks! (Full length!)
Download time on a 56K modem.
Of Control
4:00 10
5:48 15
You journey through the eye's of the dreamer, from the moment
she falls a sleep until the sounding in the morning of the alarm
"There's nobody in the World who does not dream
Only people who don't remember their dreams!"
the password and download the entire
"Clockwork Mannequin" album!
Buy the
88.Mp3 Download - Download MP3 files from P2P networks. Free MP3 Music Downloads ! [18.08.2007]Relevancy 46%
... Products
Online Antivirus
Software Forum
Submit News
User Account
Submit Product
Mp3 Download
border-bottom:1px solid #999999;
border-right: 1px solid #999999;
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border-left: 1px solid #FFFFFF;
Top queries
imesh mp3 music download (2)
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how to convert class file into mp3 for free (1)
free music
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Last queries
imesh mp3 music download
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charge format aac to mp3
burn mp3 best software ...
89.Free Movie Download Directory, Download Unreleased Movies [29.07.2007]Relevancy 45%
... Tech Press
"When it comes down to massive collections and diversity of choices, Net Movie Download is movie and song download heaven!"
- Charles Wessley, PC Mag
Unlimited Movie Downloads
Download TV Shows
Unlimited Software Downloads
Unlimited Music Downloads
Unlimited Website Access
Unlimited Burns to CD
Step by Step Instructions
DVD Quality movies
Full Videogames
Music and MP3s

Burn movie CDs
Technical Support
Unlimited Memebership
2 Year Memebership
1 Year Membership
guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
click here for more info...
Software to Download Movies
AreUltra will show you how you can download unreleased movies, music files, MP3s, songs, software programs, TV shows, free music video downloads.
They will teach you how to download Unreleased ...
90.Windows 95 - Free Music Software [Shareware Music Machine] [01.09.2007]Relevancy 45%
XG On Stage Beta 0.2.a.001 - Extends the abilities of MIDI sound generators.
Xion Audio Player v1.0.72 - Audio player.
XMPlay v3.3.0.6 - Muli-format audio player.
Yamaha DX9 Synthesizer - This font contains 11 basic sounds from Yamaha DX9 synthesizer
YAMAHA SY1 - Nine nice samples of one of Yamaha's first synthesizers
Yo!MPEG Player v1.0.2.79 - Free mpeg player
Zilla CD-DVD Rip N' Burn v6.0.0.0 - Burn or Rip Audio and Data CDs and DVDs.
Zilla MP3 Finder - Retrieve and Find MP3 files on the net.
Zip Contents Renamer - Renames the CDG and MP3 file inside a ZIP
Zlurp! v1.9.4 - An all-in-one CD audio tool for making compressed audio files
ztracker 0.981 - Win32 midi tracker/sequencer.
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91.throwingmusic [03.02.2007]Relevancy 45%
free music • images
free music

50FootWave - Free Music
Track Listing: (Please save all files to disk)
Hot Pink, Distorted: FLAC • MP3 • MP3*
Vena Cava: FLAC • MP3 • MP3*
Pretty Ugly: FLAC • MP3 • MP3*
Animal: FLAC • MP3 • MP3*
The Fuchsia Wall: FLAC • MP3 • MP3*
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.
With "Free Music" 50FootWave is seeking new earballs. We thought it'd be interesting to ask for your energy & enthusiasm rather than your money and see what happens. To that end, please share this music in any and every way you see fit. Burn CDs, post the mp3s, seed Torrents -- whatever's comfortable for you.
It's an experiment. Who knows how it will go? Wheee
* Many thanks to Kent for setting up the high-speed mirror!
Download cover art, lyrics, fact sheets & more...
kristin hersh
From The Grotto: ...
92.Limewire Free Music Download [01.09.2007]Relevancy 45%
... cd player. Albanian music mp. LI1204228425W21D5P4ND Click the following link for additional information and resources. - more
Limewire free music download - standards. Itunes music we constantly to free arabic music. Hip pop safe free legal music download. Free video download code. Latin music. Download music cd cover. Myspace music code 4. Download file mp3 music. Music video for music. Child music cd. Hindi online. Music sound better with music. Underground reggaeton much music. Free music video. LI1229828681W25D6P5ND Visit the following link to read more information and resources. - more
Guide to Top limewire free trial download Sites - Pro software limewire free file sharing Top Mp3 Music Download pro software limewire free file sharing limewire free trial download. Limewire free trial download? Visit the Top Mp3 Music Download Sites Find The Ultimate limewire free trial download sites at the links trial download For More Details. To Find Other limewire free trial. Home 4.9.33 ...
93.Google Directory - Arts > Music > Sound Files > MP3 > Downloads > Indies [01.09.2007]Relevancy 45%
... songs are sung and played the artist.
HipTingle -
Downloads by unsigned artists and forum for commenting the records.
Indigo Magenta -
Independent electronic music label offers MP3 releases for free.
Transmission3000 -
Live mp3s from some of the biggest bands in indie-rock.
Northeastern Digital MP3 Showcase -
Free MP3 files
of unsigned and independent artists mastered at Northeastern Digital Recording. Includes RealAudio previews and hotlinks directly to the artists.
Sozra Sound Bites -
Instrumental, electronic, and ambient music files and samples by the artist in MP3 and AU format.
E.S.P -
Dutch band recording reggae-dubs and soundscapes.
Patrick Williams -
Songs from the singer/songwriter ...
94.Windows XP - Free Music Software [Shareware Music Machine] [01.09.2007]Relevancy 45%
... Xion Audio Player v1.0.72 - Audio player.
XMPlay v3.3.0.6 - Muli-format audio player.
X-Spat Controller 1.6 - Controller software for A X-Spat DSP Expansions.
XstreamRadio v3.02 - Radio player and MP3 recorder.
X-Wheel of Fortune 3 v1.0 - Algorithmic pattern-based music system VSTi.
Yoink v1.2 - Live performace effect. [VST]
Zamp v1.3 - Simple sample player. [VST]
Zilla CD-DVD Rip N' Burn v6.0.0.0 - Burn or Rip Audio and Data CDs and DVDs.
Zilla MP3 Finder - Retrieve and Find MP3 files on the net.
Zip Contents Renamer - Renames the CDG and MP3 file inside a ZIP
Zlurp! v1.9.4 - An all-in-one CD audio tool for making compressed audio files
ZS4 Video Editor v0.950 - Advanced video editing and compositing software.
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95.Beat Mode Free Music Downloads MP3 Loops, Sounds Software Reviews [01.09.2007]Relevancy 43%
... mp3
Absynth, Kontakt & Traktor freebies
2002 Christmas gifts
from Native Instruments!
Gifts - YES! You can still
snag these free music gifts from NI!
Making Tutorial
- Export seamless loops in Reaktor
Just Added
- free presets for Emagic ES2 Virtual Synth
acquires Emagic -
Windows-based music products discontinued
4 and Vokator - 2 hot new Music Software products from Native Instruments.
Software Reviews, MP3's and Free Music Downloads from Beat Mode
tuned! These reviews, downloads and more are coming soon
to Beat Mode!
In the meantime click the links to visit the manufacturers web sites!
Loops FL STUDIO 4.52
Fruity Loops is now a VSTi
plug-in as well as boasting new features like an all new
The new version rocks!
Sonar 3.0
With more beat and loop oriented tools than ever, Sonar is a sequencing and looping powerhouse!
PSP MixPack
High quality PSP MixPack plug ins are a ...
96.Free free music downloads [01.09.2007]Relevancy 43%
... up, Neo, Matrix is here again! You wouldn’t say that if your hero’s name was NeoTrace.
This “Neo” is always on alert. NeoTrac...
Mp3 cutter free
Javascript tree
Disk cleanup nt
Cartoon speaker
Reviews newsletter
Free Downloads free music software
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free music
software at Free Downloads Center:
DVD Audio Ripper
Extract sound tracks from DVDs and save them as MP3 or WAV format with fast ripping speed and provide luxuriant sound effects. You can select any chapter(s) in DVD or specify certain time or file size to rip. It supports IFO files and ID3 tag
Imesh PRO 6.3.8
Imesh PRO is a popular free P2P file-sharing ...
97.Bonus MP3 | Download Free Unlimited MP3 - Free Music Center [31.08.2007]Relevancy 43%
Bonus MP3
Info Song: 2,269 | Artist: 77 | Album: 114
-- Dutch -- English -- German -- Turkce
MP3 Search
Artists Alphabetically
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J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R
S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z
Bonus MP3 Menu
:: Main
:: Mp3 List
:: List of Albums
:: All MP3 Files
:: Song Lyric List
Server Load Average
Random Artist
More information about this artist
All MP3's for this artist
Find album's for this artist
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Text Ads Only - 30 USD
- Z -
All MP3s in Our System ;)')" ...

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