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BUDGET Rental car in Italy
Rental car in Italy
Car Rentals Online! Budget Rent A Car - rental car rates and reservations.
Added: Aug 23, 2002 Last Update: 2002-08-23 10:08:56
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Category: Rental car in Italy Site Reviews (0)
Rental car in Italy made Easy
Rental car in Italy
The simplest way to hire a car in Italy.
Added: Jun 14, 2003 Last Update: 2003-06-14 11:49:44
Hits Out: 911
Average of (10) ratings:
51 ...
2.Discount Rental Car - Rent a car - [08.04.2007]Relevancy 97%
... rental car in florida
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3.Rental car in italy [01.09.2007]Relevancy 95%
English Our Services
Interested in the "Rental car in italy" service ?
The Rental car in italy service can be ordered directly calling our offices over the phone number +39 06.5138173 or using the form below.
Our call center is available for any question regarding our services and their availability in real time. Feel free to call us for any information you may need.
The trust and confidence of Customers.
We are particularly proud for the progressive renewal of trust from leading companies such as Alitalia,ENI Group,Unioncamere and several public institutions.
Moreover SIAT 74 is often choosen by diplomatic bodies and Heads of State, i.e. Clinton, Bush, Mubarak and many authorities who have found in several occasions important reasons in the renewal of their trust in our company.
Comfort and prestige.
Multilingual drivers, a car fleet of over 100 vehicles which meet any requirement either diplomatic or touristic, based on comfort and prestige, Siat74 is nowadays a ...
4.Rental Car in Italy - search our database for Rental Car in Italy, Airfares and Hotels [01.09.2007]Relevancy 94%
Rental Car in Italy
Rent your car with Rental Car in Italy.
Search here for Rental Car in Italy.
Compare prices and make car rental reservations
in most commercial airports worldwide.
Select a city:
Example: Las Vegas, NV, US or Las Vegas
Worldwide Travel
Great Travel Links:
Rental Car in Italy | | |
US Airways |
United Air Lines |
more Travel Links |
Discount Flights | Air Tickets | Discount Car Hire | Hotel Reservation
5.SIXT | Rent a Car Italy - cheap easy [01.09.2007]Relevancy 92%
... and weekly car rental rates. Sixt - feel the spirit of mobility!
Car Rental - Our Best Deals
Rent it now!
Sixt Network
Sixt Italy
Sixt Services
More information
Our simple booking procedure for car rental Italy...
Pick-up return - enter your concrete renting details
Best deals available - choose a vehicle from our offer list which is already proofed upon availability
Personal details - enter your personal details and any extras for your rental car in Italy
Confirmation - print out the car rental reservation confirmation
Collect the car - enjoy your journey with your rental car in Italy
Your advantages of booking a Sixt rental car in Italy...
Internet prices - rent your vehicle in Italy at extra low online rent a car tariffs.
Best deals - have a closer look at our latest promotions - Italy and worldwide.
Car rental fleet - with Sixt you can rent the latest models, e.g. from the world's biggest Mercedes-Benz fleet.
Models types - either ...
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Search results for: "Rental car in Italy"
In Italy Online - Car Rental (
Relevancy 92%
Strategy Tips From An Expert
Back to Travel Info As a customized travel consultant, one of the most frequent questions I get is whether driving a rental car in Italy is a good idea. My answer is almost always yes, but that prompts the next obvious questions about what, where, and how much, and that ...
7.Cheap Car Rental in Italy with Kemwel [01.09.2007]Relevancy 92%
... the world. Because this beautiful country has such an extensive history, much of the artwork and sights are spread throughout the country. Whether you are in Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome or one of our many other locations, be sure to make the most of your time in this amazing country. With a discount car rental from Kemwel you and your travel partners can plan the perfect vacation. If you have questions about driving in Italy our driving information page can help!
Cheap Rental Car in Italy with Kemwel
Start your vacation plans now by booking a cheap Kemwel car rental online today. Be sure to read our frequently asked questions page if you have questions about your rental or rental process. Of course, our friendly staff is always willing to talk with you if you would rather speak with someone personally. You may contact us at 1-877-820-0668.
Things to do in Italy for 2007
Book a Car Rental
Agrigento Alba Alessandria Alghero Ancona Aosta Aprilia ...
8.SIXT | Car Hire Italy - Discount Prices [01.09.2007]Relevancy 92%
More information
Our simple booking procedure for car hire Italy...
Pick-up return - choose a car hire location in Italy and enter your concrete renting details.
Best deals available - choose a vehicle from our offer list which is already proofed upon availability
Personal details - enter your personal details and any extras for your car hire Italy
Confirmation - print out the car rental reservation confirmation
Collect the car - enjoy your journey with your rental car in Italy
Your advantages of using Sixt car hire in Italy...
Internet prices - hire your vehicle in Italy at extra low online tariffs.
Best deals - explore our latest car hire promotions Italy and worldwide.
Car rental fleet - with Sixt you can hire the latest models, e.g. from the world's biggest Mercedes-Benz fleet.
Models types - either saloon car or hatchback, van, 4x4 or convertible: Sixt Italy is the great choice!
Partner programs - collect points, miles and discounts with every car hire ...
9.Rental car in rome italy [01.09.2007]Relevancy 92%
... staff and vehicles,in order to satisfy your needs.
Got more questions ?
Call now our call center at +39 06.5138173 and you'll receive every information needed on "Rental car in rome italy" !
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Rental car in rome ...
10.Car Rental in Italy with Auto Europe [01.09.2007]Relevancy 91%
... Testimonials
log-in International Sites
Home > Country Listings > Italy
Car Rental in Italy
About Car Rental in Italy
With a car rental in Italy, you'll experience one of the greatest ways to tour this country, as many attractions are fairly spread out and the train system is costly. To explore the ruins at Pompeii or to ogle the architecture of the Roman Colosseum at your leisure, you'll find that a rental car in Italy is the optimal mode of transport. Offering lots of pick up locations and a large rental car fleet, Auto Europe makes renting a car in Italy easy.
Tour with a Rental Car in Italy
You'll be equipped to tour at your own pace with your rental car in Italy! With your car rental in Italy, tour the shimmering marble city of Assisi on its perch at Mount Subasio, keep your date with David in Florence, and check out romantic Venice. Don't miss the well-preserved medieval city of San Gimignano near ...
11.Car Rental Canada France Ireland Italy UK - - Car Hire Canada France Ireland Italy UK [01.09.2007]Relevancy 91%
... Cancel
Frequently Asked Questions
Trip Planner
Car Hire in Ireland
Rent a car in Ireland
Hotels in Ireland
Ireland Hotels
Car Rental Ireland - Home Page
- Book It - book a rental car in Ireland
- Change / Cancel - retrieve an existing Irish booking
Price Check
About our Prices
Change or Cancel
Frequently Asked Questions
Trip Planner
Car Hire in Italy
Rent a car in Italy
Hotels in Italy
Italy Hotels
Car Rental Italy - Home Page
- Book It - book a rental car in Italy
- Change / Cancel - retrieve an existing Irish booking
Price Check
About our Prices
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Frequently Asked Questions
Trip Planner
Car Hire in UK
Rent a car in UK
Hotels in the UK
UK Hotels
Car Rental UK - Home Page
- Book It - book a rental car in the UK
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Price Check
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Frequently Asked Questions
Trip Planner
Cheap Car Hire
Cheap Rent a car
Find a hotel
Search for a hotel room
12.Car In Italy Rental [01.09.2007]Relevancy 91%
... driving in Italy from ...
Auto Europe provides information on car rental and driving in Italy.
Cheap Car Rental in Italy with Kemwel
Cheap Car Rental in Italy with Kemwel. Kemwel offers discount car rental rates and travel information in Italy. Save when you book online.
Cheap Italy Car Rental - Italy Driving Information from Kemwel
Cheap Car Rental in Italy. Information on Driving your Rental Car in Italy from Kemwel.
Rome, Italy Auto/Car Rentals & Rental Cars, On-line Reservations ...
Guide for auto/car rentals at Rome, Italy's major airports. Includes on-line reservations, coupons, auto rental links, car rental tips and more!
Italy car rental italy has a huge diversity of transportation ...
italy car rental - Either you are there for a business trip, or and educational or excursion; with colleges or on a honeymoon, not with a ...
13.Travel Talk - Car Rental, Bus and Rail [27.08.2007]Relevancy 91%
... too good to be true (Budget)?
Read Your Car Rental Contract Before Signing
(14 messages)
Amtrak Train Stations
(6 messages)
Rental Car Scam?
(1 message)
Anyone done Florida Drive In program?
(7 messages)
Amtrak Cascades route
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Car Rentals to Baja, Mexico
one travel car rental
Enterprise Car Rental
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Budget Downtown Innsbruck
Mexico Car Rental
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Trans-Siberian/TransMongolian Train Travel
Rental car in Italy
(3 messages)
Budget/MasterCard "special" offer??
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30-day motorcoach tour
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One Way Rentals For San Fran to LA
Not at fault car accident with a rental car
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Amtrak Coast-to-Coast
(32 messages)
National Car Rental in Omaha NE
(1 message)
Northeast Chinese Bus Lines Caveat
(4 messages)
car rental with Alamo/National in UK; in Bankruptcy?
A Remembrance of Bus Services Past
(18 messages)
Lesson Learned
(13 messages)
"Expedia Picks" ...
14.Italy car rental, Rent a car in italy. [01.09.2007]Relevancy 83%
Abruzzo hotels
Basilicata hotels
Calabria hotels
Campania hotels
EmiliaRomagna hotels
Friuli hotels
Lazio Hotels
Le Marche hotels
Liguria hotels
Lombardy hotels
Piemont hotels
Puglia hotels
Sardinia hotels
Sicily hotels
Veneto hotels
Trentino hotels
Tuscany hotels
Umbria hotels
Valle d'aosta hotels
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Warning: main(): Failed opening ' ...
15.Car Rental Italy | Europe Rental Car | Rent A Car in Italy Rental Cars [11.07.2007]Relevancy 82%
Travel Agents -
Tour Operators -
Government - Corporate
MCAR - Mini Automatic w Air
ECMR - Economy Manual w Air
ECMR - Economy Manual w Air
CDMR - Compact Manual w Air
CDAR - Compact Automatic w Air
IDMR - Intermediate Manual w Air
IDAR - Intermediate Automatic w Air
SDMR - Standard Manual w Air
ITMR - Convertible Manual w Air
SWMR - Station Wagon Manual w Air
FCMR - Full Size Manual w Air
FWMR - Full Size Manual w Air
FFMR - Full Size SUV Manual w Air
FWAR- Full Size Wagon Automatic w Air
PDMR - Premium Manual w Air
LDMR - Full Size Van Manual w Air
SVMR - Minivan Manual w Air
FVMR - Full size minivan Manual w Air
Car Rentals in Italy, Italy Discount Rental Cars, Cheap Car Rentals in Italy, Discount Rental Cars in Italy, Europe car Rental Italy,
Europe car ...
16.Car In Italy Rental [01.09.2007]Relevancy 82%
Car Hire Italy
For budget car hire Italy, check out Argus Rentals. With Argus Rentals fantastic car hire Italy deals, you're guaranteed to find the best low cost car ...
Car Rentals in Italy
Renting a car in Italy can be an immensely rewarding experience, but without the proper planning and information, your car rental experience can also be a ...
Car Rental Italy | Europe Rental Car | Rent A Car in Italy Rental Cars
Advantage Rent A Car Italy car rental in Europe - cheap and discount rental cars in Rome Italy
Cheap Car Rental Italy - Rental Car Fleet Guide
Cheap Car Rental Italy - Kemwel Italy Rental Car Fleet Guide.
Car hire Spain, Alicante car rental Airport, car hire Malaga, rent ...
Cheap Car Rental Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, France with weekly rates from: Ј51.68. You ...
17.Car Rental - ITWG.COM [01.09.2007]Relevancy 81%
... cars as: Mercedes, Limousine, van, and minibus,
equipped with telephone, hi fi and air conditioned.
The service is available for both the way airport-hotel-airport and for a tour in the city or in any resort chosen by you.
Our car service doesn't only offers a high quality service but also competitive prices.
Transfer to / from airport
City transfer
Minibus Van
Deluxe Car
Car Services
Rent a car in Italy and in the World
Special rates for ITWG.COM users
Everywhere by sea
Special rates for Itwg Users
You can consult the schedules
of all the Ferries Companies
in the Mediterranean, book your voyage and buy ONLINE
your ticket,
It will be sent to your e-mail address !
ITWG.COM - Hotel reservation, tours and travel services
my reservations | customer service
| site map
| travel agents
Fast links: Home - Index - FAQ
- ...
18.Car rental italy rental car italy. [01.09.2007]Relevancy 79%
Car rental italy rental car italy.
Away safely nothing made territory auto dealer pittsburgh you no more sky and dahlia fighting were fully. auto glass indianapolis repair Her world a small italy rental car detroit still alive frightening yet but shefelt she was steps only three men. The maneuver hear to island no italy rental car last sen butterflies
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19.Rent a car in ITALY - Car hire in Italy - Car rental in Italy - Car rentals in Italy [19.12.2005]Relevancy 78%
An Avis Car for rent in Italy? It's easier thanks to . The site is in 7 languages and is dedicated to rent in Italy and Worldwide. In cooperation with Avis we are actually the first italian company which is developing the XML soap language which provides to our customers the availability and the quotation on-line connected directly with Avis data base. With Avis rent a car we have signed a contract and due to our business relation since 1995 we have the best prices in internet for rent in Italy. We are using protected 128 bit lines (SSL) to assure You the top security to do shopping of hotels, apartments, rent a car in Italy with Avis. The web-site is providing You a huge number of information and more than 35.000 photos. Il Planisfero Tour Operator
20.RENT A CAR IN ITALY [04.10.2004]Relevancy 78%
Prices indicated on the tables below are in EURO, valid for reservations for the dates between November 01, 2002 and October 15, 2003 and for a MINIMUM RENTAL OF THREE DAYS.
Shorter rentals are quoted on Time and Mileage basis, per day. In most cases a short rental where many kilometers are involved works out more expensive than a three day minimum with unlimited kilometers included.
If you wish to convert the rates to your home currency please use the "convert" button at the bottom of the table. It will give you an idea of the amount in your home currency. Prices are quoted and charges are posted in EURO as indicated on the tables below.
Rates are fully inclusive of UNLIMITED MILEAGE, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Theft Protection, Airport fee and VAT.
What is NOT included in the rates:
PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)
Additional Driver
Super CDW / TP
Grace period of 59 minutes
Delivery and Collection
Road ...
21.Italy Car Rental [01.09.2007]Relevancy 78%
Car Italy And Tours Corp. Agency Profile
Car Rentals | Comparison Guide | Rate Search | Agency Directory | The CRX Difference | Reliability Index | News
Motorcycle Rentals | Hot Deals | About CRX | Support | Agency Sign Up | Travel Agents | My Reservations
Car Italy And Tours Corp.
Agency Menu
rental center
vehicle fleet
rental policies
my reservations
agency profile
Agency Profile
Car Italy and Tours is the exclusive North American supplier for Sicily By Car, which has been providing vehicle rentals in Italy since 1963. All our rates are all inclusive, so no surprises.
All our vehicles are new each year. We also provide hotel reservations and tours in Italy.
Years in business: 44
Car Italy And Tours Corp. serves the following markets
Corporate Clients
Travel Agents
Long Term Renters
Special Group Rates
Conventions / Special Events
Tour Groups
22.Italy Car Rental [01.09.2007]Relevancy 78%
Car Italy And Tours Corp. Locations
Car Rentals | Comparison Guide | Rate Search | Agency Directory | The CRX Difference | Reliability Index | News
Motorcycle Rentals | Hot Deals | About CRX | Support | Agency Sign Up | Travel Agents | My Reservations
Car Italy And Tours Corp.
Agency Menu
rental center
vehicle fleet
rental policies
my reservations
agency profile
Click on a location for details
Alghero Airport, Sardinia
Desk in Parking Area
Alghero, other
Map and Hours
Ancona Airport, Italy
Desk in Terminal
Ancona, other
Map and Hours
Bari Airport, Italy
Desk in Terminal
Bari, other
Map and Hours
Bari Downtown, Italy
Via G. Petroni, 8H
Bari, other
Map and Hours
Bergamo Airport, Italy
Desk in Terminal
Milan, other
Map and Hours
Bologna Airport, Italy
Desk in Terminal
Bologna, other
Map and Hours
Cagliari Airport, Sardinia
23.In Italy Online - Car rental, Driving in Italy [20.08.2007]Relevancy 78%
Rent a Car in
& Elsewhere
12 Reasons to Rent a Car Through In Italy
Online & Auto
travelers to Europe
In Italy Online offers specially negotiated rates that guarantee the lowest
prices for our clients'
holidays. With Auto Europe,
we guarantee to beat absolutely any price confirmed to you by any reputable
car rental company or web site, for a similar, verifiable rental
4000 locations - in airports, train stations, cities, towns and even hamlets.
More than 4,000 vehicles - drive a mini, compact, economy, mid-size, full-size,
station wagon, van, or luxury car on your vacation
ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICES (except gasoline and personal
effects coverage). Our prices include taxes, unlimited mileage, third-party
liability insurance, mandatory
theft and fire protection for the ...
24.Car Rental Italy, Auto Rental Cars in Italy [01.09.2007]Relevancy 76%
travel guide
You are here: - car rental - Italy car rental
Italy Car Rental
Alghero Fertilia
Elba Island
Reggio Calabria
Europe Car Rental
Bosnia And Herzegowina
Channel Islands
Crete Island
Cyclades Islands
Czech Republic
Faroe Islands
Isle Of Man
Isles Of Scilly
Northern Ireland
Cheap Car Rental Deals:
Over 800 locations in North America and nearly 2000 cities worldwide. Use ...
25.Hire a Car from the Rome Airport [22.08.2007]Relevancy 76%
... chauffeur drives and transfer services. Besides our great service on car rentals, we also offer savings on European hotels and discounted airfare to Europe. Over 47 years in business. Car hire in Italy. AutoEurope - Partnered with all of the major rental car companies in Europe and Worldwide to save you money on your next rental car.
Discount Rome Rental Cars
Discount Venice Rental Cars
Discount Milan Rental Cars
Discount Florence Rental Cars
Discount Rental Cars in Italy
Rental Car in
Rome - Rental Car in Rome Italy and Rome Airport - Rome car rental 24 hours
Alamo Ciampino Airport
Alamo Fiumicino Airport
Venice Airport Thrifty
Rome Ciampino Thrifty
Ludovisi Rome Thrifty
Da Vinci Airport Thrifty
Rome Station Thrifty
Avis Rome
At Advantage Rent-A-Car, we offer a wide selection of great vehicles, fantastic products and great services.
Advantage Italy
Budget Rental Car Coupon
Fiumiciono Airport Budget
Ferroviaria Station Budget
Via Del Galappatoio Budget
26.In Italy Online - Car Rental FAQ [20.08.2007]Relevancy 75%
Some Frequently Asked Questions
About Car Rental In Italy
In Italy
Online Rents All Cars Through Auto Europe. Here's Some Helpful Information They'd Like To Share With You.
Auto Europe has been a leader in international car rentals for over 44 years. In Italy Online has selected Auto Europe as its preferred car rental supplier because they offer guaranteed lowest rates, over 4,000 locations throughout the world, quality service with a personal touch, and a wide variety of rental cars, from the most economical to the most luxurious or exotic.
Italy has an excellent network of roads and highways that is one of the most extensive in Europe, comprising
nearly 4000mi/6400km of express highways and 180,000mi/288,000km of secondary roads. The country's famous
super highways or 'autostrade' ('autostrada' is the singular form) run the length and breadth of the peninsula.
These toll roads are supported by an excellent network of ...
27.Save 15-30 % on car rentals, cheap car rentals, rental cars and discount car rentals [01.09.2007]Relevancy 75%
... - Portugal
Globe Car Rental
United Rent A Car
Sarl Cruise Rent A Car
Atlas Car Rental Ireland
Value Rent-A-Car
AGA Rent A Car
Direct Car Rentals
U-Save Auto Rental - Portsmouth, VA
U-Save Auto Rental - Frederick, MD
Ace Rent A Car Honduras
Ace Rent A Car New Zealand
Ace Rent A Car Athens
Red Carpet Car Rentals
Casual Car Rental - Switzerland
Airport Rent A Car of Atlanta
Super Cheap Car Rental
Car Italy
And Tours Corp.
U-Save Car and Truck Rental - Pennsauken, NJ
Midway Car Rental (Premium)
ALM Rent-A-Car
Discount Car and Truck Rentals Sydney
Hola Rent A Car
Ace Rent A Car Mexico
U-Save Auto Rental - Lowell and Nashua
All-Most New Car Rentals Vans-To-Go
Priceless Car Rental
U-Save Auto Rental - Westminster, CA
Sunshine Rent A Car
U-Save Auto Rental - CT and MA
Allstate Auto Rentals
U-Save Auto Rental - Tampa
Economy Car ...
28.Search Results for "" [01.09.2007]Relevancy 74%
Welcome to
Learn about
Looking for
Bored? Check Out the Sumo!
Viral video mayhem. Games Galore. Sucker free music. Bangin' Hotties. Animation for your fascination. Go to the Sumo, live large and never be disappointed by a weak video website again.
Blinkx Video Search
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Find At eBay
Looking for eBay has great deals on new used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods and more. If you can't find it on eBay, it probably doesn't exist. Sign up today for FREE! - City Guide News
Are You Planning A Date or a Night Out With Friends? Check out the newest nightclubs ...
29.Car Rental in Florence, Italy with Auto Europe [01.09.2007]Relevancy 74%
... Florence, Italy
Car Rental in Florence, Italy
With a car rental in Florence, Italy, you can see more of the city and more of the surrounding area with ease and in comfort. With the city as a starting point, arranging a rental car in Florence can get you to the most scenic spots not possible otherwise. Auto Europe offers several pick up locations and a large fleet selection, so finding a car rental in Florence is both easy and economical.
Tour Florence with a Rental Car
A rental car in
Florence can take you up to Settignano and Fiesole for a spectacular view of the Duomo from the north, or you can drive up to the Piazza Michelangelo and see the Arno from the south. You can also take your car rental in Florence on a scenic drive through olive groves and vineyards to Siena for fabulous Duomo, or to San Gimignano, whose Renaissance towers are still standing. Questions about driving in Florence? Our driving information page should provide answers.
Rent a Car in Florence, Italy ...
30.Car Rental Florence Italy, Hire of a Car to Florence, Car Hire Florence [13.08.2007]Relevancy 74%
... Car Hire Florence
Lista Web-Sites Internet to rental a car in Florence ... Car Hire Florence
Per inserire il tuo Web-Site cliccare QUI
Car Rental in Florence, Italy With a car rental in Florence, Italy, you can see more of the city and more of the surrounding area with ease and in comfort. With the city as a starting point, arranging a rental car in Florence can get you to the most scenic spots not possible otherwise.
Tour Florence with a Rental Car
A rental car in
Florence can take you up to Fiesole for a panoramic view of the Old Bridge and Duomo from the north, or you can drive up to the Piazza Michelangelo and see the Arno from the south. You can also take your car rental in Florence on a scenic drive through vineyards to Montalcino Pienza and Siena for fabulous Duomo, or to San Gimignano, whose towers are still standing.
If you`re searching for great car rental rates and excellent service, rent a car in Florence, Italy from the following services.
31.Italy Car Rental with Auto Europe [01.09.2007]Relevancy 73%
... island of Sicily, the wine region of the north, and all the delight in between with an Auto Europe rental car. There are plenty of places to pick up your rental throughout Italy with Auto Europe, as well as many vehicles to choose from for your convenience. Whether you are interested in the charm and relaxation of the Mediterranean coast, or the dazzling history and vibrancy of Italian city life, there is no better way to experience Italy than by car.
Explore Italy by Rental Car
is blessed with a good deal of coastline perfect for driving and exploring, or just relaxing. Small towns and villages house the works of the greatest artists in the world, and the neighborhood eatery is just as likely to have phenomenal cuisine as the most famous Italian restaurant back home. If you prefer a more metropolitan atmosphere cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence and Naples offer world-famous fashion, art, architecture, cuisine and nightlife. Northern Italy is known as a wonderful ...
32.Car Rental Thrifty Italy - rent a car in italy. Car rental rates and online booking. Car hire reservation in Rome airport, Milan airport, Turin, Florence, Catania, Palermo airport, Genoa, Venice, Naples, Bologna, Verona, Pescara, Cagliari, Olbia, Bari, Brindisi, Lamezia Terme [01.09.2007]Relevancy 73%
Thrifty Car Rental
Since 1980 , when we opened our first office in Italy we have guaranteed a competitive and punctual service for our customers which has helped us grow into one of the most important Car Rental Companies in Italy. We hope that this makes you give us the chance of taking care of you too.
Thrifty Car Rental
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33.Car Rental Italy from Auto Europe [01.09.2007]Relevancy 71%
car rental italy
Save on Car Rental in Italy
Auto Europe created Car Rentals in Italy to help you find the best combination of rates and service possible for car rental in Italy. Whether you need a small car to sightsee around Rome or a minivan for a multiday trip to see cities like Florence, Pisa and Milan, Auto Europe has the right vehicle for you at the right price.
To see what rental cars and rates we have available, simply click on the Book a Rental link above. Choose your car rental dates, pick-up and drop-off locations to see what rental cars are available for you!
You can also find more information about car rental in Italy on our Driving Information and Locations pages. And, if you have any further questions, you can always reach us at the email address and toll-free number at the bottom of every page. Enjoy discount car rental in Italy and friendly service with Auto Europe.
34.Rental Cars in Calabria - Rental Car Italy - Southern Italy Holiday [15.08.2007]Relevancy 71%
Rental Cars Southern Italy Calabria Rental Cars Italy Rental Cars
Rent a Car in Calabria Calabria Rental Cars Southern Italy Rental Car
Please Choose your Language
Contact us
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Calabria at a glance
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Fax: +49 - (0) 69 - 603 13 95
Rental Cars in Calabria
Prices 2007
Calabria is a great place in which to discover many beautiful sights at your own pace. For people who ...
35.Car Hire Italy - Cheap Car Rental Italy - Hire a Car in Italy - Limousine Hire [28.02.2006]Relevancy 70%
Car Hire Italy
Home Contact Site Map
Italy Car Hire from 8 per day
We offer cheap car hire in Italy, Assisi, Florence, Milan, Naples, Sicily, Siena, Rome, Sardinia, Perugia , Venice and
all Italy locations. Car Hire Italy have full range of fleets from cheap economy options to luxury range, all our fleets are new and modern cars. Car Hire Italy offers unbeatable prices compare to leading car hire companies in Italy.
Italy Attractions
Rome - There's no escaping it: Rome means history. There's layers of the stuff - Etruscan tombs, Republican meeting rooms, Imperial temples, early-Christian churches, medieval bell towers, Renaissance palaces and baroque basilicas
Sicily -The sunkissed island of Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and occupies a strategic position at the toe of Italy.
Amalfi Coast - Stretching for 50km (31mi) along a promontory from Sorrento to ...
36.Italy Car Rental - Car Hire in Italy - Rent A Car Italy. [01.09.2007]Relevancy 70%
Enter destination:
Rent A Car Italy - Online Car Rentals
Find a car in Italy:
Czech Republic
United Kingdom
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Together with our partners from Auto Europe we strive to offer you the lowest car rental price in Italy and Europe as a whole. We designed our web site with easy to use secure online car rental reservation system to book a variety of cars, specialty vehicles such as convertibles, jeeps and sports cars as well. As you know Italy is rich in many historical and cultural attractions but they are fairly spread out.
By renting a car in Italy with ...
37."Alamo Rent A Car is one of the largest value oriented rental car companies offering lowest rate guarantee for leisure vacation car rental deals, business rentals and discounted weekly specials in over 1000 locations including Orlando, Miami, Florida, Las Vegas, Maui, Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, California, Dallas, New York, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Colorado, Houston, Kansas City, Maine, New Jersey, Washington DC. Virginia, Seattle, Chicago, Phoenix, Arizona, Salt Lake City, Boston, and more! " ...(truncated) [01.09.2007]Relevancy 69%
... Arizona, Salt Lake City, Boston, Maine and more!
Alamo Rent A Car offers airport car rental,
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38.Autonoleggio Thrifty Italia autonoleggio in tutta italia prenotazioni tariffe autonoleggio Alghero (SS) - Terminal Aeroporto Fertilia prenotazioni on line tariffe noleggio auto Bari - Terminal Aeroporto Palese [01.09.2007]Relevancy 68%
... Bologna, autonoleggio a Verona, Pescara, Cagliari, Olbia, Bari, Brindisi, auto in affitto a Lamezia Terme
thrifty autonoleggio
OS2 - realizzazione siti web
alquiler de coches 24 horas
autoverhuur italie
autovermietung 24 stunden
biluthyrningi italien
rental car broker
sicily trip - portale sul turismo in Sicilia
itinerari di Sicilia - mappe e percorsi in Sicilia
Alberghi in Sicilia
Sicily Trip versione Italiana
Sicily Trip english version
Location de voitures en Italie
Car Rental in Italy
39.Car Rental Rome Rental Car Rome Airport Rent A Car Italy [22.08.2007]Relevancy 68%
... Cars In Palermo Italy
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Rentals in Italy,
Rome Italy Discount Rental Cars, Cheap Rentals in Rome Italy,
Airport Rental Cars in Italy Rome, Rentals Rome Italy,
Rome Italy Hire,
Rome Italy airport rentals, rentals Rome airport,
Hire Rome Fiumcino Italy
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40.Car Rental Florence Italy [01.09.2007]Relevancy 68%
... Maine and more!
National Car Rental offers airport car rental,
airport car rentals,
airport rental car,
auto rental,
auto rental company,
auto rental reservations,
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business car rentals,
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corporate rental car,,
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national auto rental,,
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national rent a car,
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rental car reservations,
and a glossary.
41.Car Rentals in Italy [25.05.2007]Relevancy 68%
... for Italy (including FREE incoming calls). Click here for details
Be sure to remember not to leave anything in the car, not even a bag of trash (how is the thief to know what is inside the bag?), and not even in the trunk. If you must keep your possessions in the car, keep them in the trunk but put them there before you reach your destination. Thieves target foreigners and know that they often keep valuables in the trunk.
Many of the major car rental companies offer rental cars in Italy but, it is better to reserve your car prior to your departure in order to get better rates. You can arrange to pick up your car at a major airport if this is convenient for you which is not a bad idea considering that a taxi ride from the major airports to the city costs about $75. Remember that many rental cars in Italy do not offer manual transmission so if that is an issue for you, ask for a vehicle that does.
If you are looking for transportation from Rome's Leonardo Da Vinci Airport to ...
42.Italy Rental Cars - Cheap Car Rentals in Italy [01.09.2007]Relevancy 68%
... italy travel
Rental Cars
Free Brochures
Rental Car Locations:
Rome Rental Cars
Venice Rental Cars
Florence Rental Cars
Rental Cars in U.S.
Italy Rental Cars
The Italian Chef can help you find cheap rates on rental cars at airports throughout Italy. If you are renting a car to experience Italy the way it should be, on your own terms, use our rental car search to find
the right vehicle for you. Compare rental cars in Italy by price and car type, and book online.
Calendar Sample
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43.Milan Car Rental, Cheap Rent-a-Car in Milan, Italy - SideStep [01.09.2007]Relevancy 68%
SideStep Recommends car rentals in the cities below.
Fort Myers
Los Angeles
Ft. Lauderdale
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San Diego
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Las Vegas
Milan Car Rental
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Rent a car rental cars in Italy guaranteed top rates and
Rent a carwww.priceline-europe.comWorldwide Cheap Car Hire. Deals from Hundreds of Rental
Milan Rental cheap rates on rental cars in Milan. Book now!
Rent Car Rentals From $8.99 Per Day Save Up To 40% On Special
Want to hire a car?www.carhire-agency.comFind the best car rental deals. ...
44.Thrifty Rental Car [21.07.2007]Relevancy 68%
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Thrifty Rental Car
With class Maroth set to print them out for you to Thrifty Rental Car shop around on your auto loan ...
45.Discount car rentals Europe [01.09.2007]Relevancy 68%
... you feel like it.
The Parker Company's Europe car rental outlet makes it as easy as a click on the key to rent a car
and just get going. Select the model that best suits your needs and check with us for availability at any of our offices.
Europe car rental - fast and easy quoting over the Internet - and a steering wheel in hand upon arrival at an unbeatable price.
Alfa Romeo 146
Mercedes 200
Fiat Barchetta
Ferrari 550 Maranello
cheap rental cars in italy
discount car rental europe
car hire italy
europe car rental
italy car rental companies
©2007 The Parker Company
46.Cheap Car Hire Italy - Book Car Rental in Italy [01.09.2007]Relevancy 67%
Home > Car Hire Italy
Cheap Car Hire Italy - Save 15% on your Car Rental in Italy
Book your cheap car hire in Italy securely online and save on a wide choice of vehicles from low cost economy options through to our luxury range. Make the most out of your car rental. Check out our range of tourist destination guides for Italy and driving tips submitted by our visitors.
Click Here for an instant Cheap Italy Car Hire Quote
Driven in Italy ? Tell us about your driving tips and experiences
Share your tips on parking, traffic, speed limits & more. Suggest a scenic drive or other advice.
Select one...
Scenic drives
Speed limit
My Name I'm From
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Useful Tips
Traffic - by Sally from Varese
In northern Italy, take your time and don't let other drivers annoy or hassle you. Actually, they are usually very ...
47.Car rental AIRPORT - ITALY Europcar [01.09.2007]Relevancy 67%
... in all major domestic and international airports in Europe, Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific.
Europcar rental counters are located in the terminal buildings of most airports. Where this is not the case, a Europcar shuttle will get you to the rental office.
Whether you are travelling for leisure or for business, Europcar will be happy to serve you at one of the airport locations listed below.
Get a quote and book your car rental in ITALY instantly using our simple and secure online booking process !
More car rental locations
Car rental railway-station ITALY
Car rental MILANO
Europcar AIRPORT rental stations in ITALY
07041 ALGHERO (SS)
Location code: AHOT02
Phone: +39 (079) 935032
Fax: +39 (079) 936135
See the Map
Get a Quote / Book a ...
48.Best Italian Rental Cars [28.09.2006]Relevancy 67%
... Steering You
Towards The Best
Travel Vendors
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Through These
Travel Articles
Learn more about
places, hotels, events,
restaurants and more
at our new
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Tuscany Tours
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A Summer in Tuscany
The Hills of Tuscany
Virtually There
Rental Cars in Italy
and So Much More!
Serving Your European Rental Car Needs Since 1996!
The Latest Information : September 28, 2006
Best Rental Cars in Italy
Get Winter Discounts Now!
NO Deductable!
Enjoy Discounts to 15%
Get your Free quote NOW!
Driving rules, regulations, etc.
Free, comprehensive Insider Report on
renting cars in Europe. Find out:
The right size car for you.
Insurance pro's and con's
Many more helpful tips.
Maps, guides, more...
Guaranteed Rates in
49.Italy car hire, Italy car rental from 24 EUR Per day all inclusive [07.03.2007]Relevancy 67%
... & Save on Car Rental in Italy
The Italy Car Rental Guide instantly displays rates from several leading Italy car rental providers. Use our real-time car rental guide and instantly you will have a comparison of all the car rental providers in Italy. We offer a great range of vehicles at every destination from cheap economy options through to luxury car rentals.
Our global buying power enables us to offer huge car rental discounts to our clients.
Save up to 50% on car rental in Italy
Car rental partners in Italy
Get Your Instant Quote
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00 - AM 01 - AM 02 - AM 03 - AM 04 - AM 05 - AM 06 - AM 07 - AM 08 - AM ...
50.Car Rental Milan Rental Car Milan Airport Rent A Car Italy [22.08.2007]Relevancy 67%
... Van
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Searching for Italy car rentals Advantage Rent A Car provides cheap and hassle free car rentals. With Advantage, location is not a problem. We offer Venice rental cars, as well as Milan car rental. From ancient ruins to olive groves, car rental in Italy has every day discounts from Advantage is the way to go. Get yours today and see Italy the advantage way!
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Rental Cars at Los Angeles Airport - LAX
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Rental Cars in ... LLC > Travel Q A > Destinations > Italy > Rental Car [01.09.2007]Relevancy 67%
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Rental Cars in Italy
Q. I would like to plan a trip to Italy with a few days in Rome and possibly to Florence. I would also like to have a one-day or overnight trip to Anzio on the west coast about 30 miles south of Rome. What kind of public transportation will be available to me to travel to Florence and to Anzio?
A. Actually, Anzio is about 40 miles south of Rome, and Florence is approximately 170 miles from Rome, by road. According to ViaMichelin (which is the European equivalent of MapQuest), the ...
52.Car Hire, Car Rental in Italy - Economy Car Hire [01.09.2007]Relevancy 67%
Economy Car Hire Ltd
Online Quote Destinations Travel Info My Bookings Travel Info Contact Us
Car Hire in Italy
Italy offers a wealth of experiences to the visitor and like many who visit this country, you will be presented with the difficulty of deciding on which experience of Italy to opt for. When exploring Italy using car hire you will not have this difficulty because all of the experiences including the scenic coastline drive or exploring one of Italy's famous cities are an option, you will have the flexibility to go where you want at your own pace.
We have many car hire locations throughout mainland Italy. Our airport destinations include Pisa Airport, Rome Airport, Milan Airport, Forli Airport, Bologna Airport, Bergamo Airport plus many more. We also provide car hire at local offices in towns and resorts throughout Italy such as Florence, Milan, Rome, Turin, ...
53.SIXT | car rental Italy. Rent a car Italy. Van rental Italy. [01.09.2007]Relevancy 67%
car rental Italy and van rental Italy
Welcome to Sixt rent a car Italy.
SIXT | car rental Italy
Need car rental Italy or van rental Italy? Use Sixt Italy car rental services.
GET car rental IN Italy WITH SIXT
Sixt car rental provides a lot of locations in Italy where you can arrange car hire, so wherever you are situated you are sure to find a convenient office for your needs.
We cover towns, cities and airports the length and breadth of Italy, and have thousands of vehicles worldwide to put at your service. This means we are sure that you will be able to get car rental services in Italy that are perfect for your needs, at a price that suits your budget.
car rental Italy
If you hire a car in Italy regularly, you may want to consider getting a Sixt Express card which enables you to take advantage of car rental in Italy (and car rental abroad) quickly and easily. You can reserve car rental services in Italy right here on the Sixt website, you can call our car rental ...
54.Slow Travel Italy - Florence Airport, driving directions, rental cars [01.09.2007]Relevancy 67%
... Ancient typo? Or just too hard to pronounce? I wonder.
But, for my small town Iowa tastes, Amerigo's airport is way better than Rome's. When I land in Italy's capital, the airport system there doesn't seem to be happy until it has misdirected my bags to some other capital, say Paris or Tel Aviv. And that slows down my re-entry to "la dolce vita-land". So, unless there is a rip-snorting discount on a flight to Rome, we aim for Florence.
AutoEurope: Car rental in Italy and the rest of Europe.
Flying from North America to Florence Airport (Vespucci)
There are no direct flights from the US to Florence, so you have to fly to a European hub and change to a flight to Florence.
Stew: So far my favorite way to reach Florence is through Frankfurt on Lufthansa because they have awesome security, usually are on time, the food and service are fine and their flight is the earliest to arrive in Florence. All that can change, but that has been my experience to date. ...
55.Italy car hire, Cheap car rental in Italy. Your car hire in Italy by [01.09.2007]Relevancy 67%
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Car Hire Alicante
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Car hire Italy
Car hire Italy. If your are looking for a Car hire in Italy, Italy Car hire or rent a car in Italy, at you will find out your Car hire from Italy and your Car rental in Italy. Low-cost Car hire in Italy by ...
56.Car Rental in Italy, Car Hire Italy [01.09.2007]Relevancy 67%
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Welcome to Every Car Hire your best choice for car hire and car rental in Italy . We offer you simple low-cost car hire and car rental at many of Italy 's airports hotels and resorts. We pride ourselves on the quality of our rental vehicles and the courtesy of our staff. So if you need to hire a vehicle in Italy , contact us at Every Car Hire.
Why choose Every Car Hire? We offer discounted car hire and car rental worldwide with leading car hire companies from over 4,000 locations. By only working with the best car hire suppliers we are able to offer not only cheap car ...
57.Featured Enterprise Gold+ Merchant [01.09.2007]Relevancy 67%
... (AU$) 8.00% Per Sale DAH
DriveAway Holidays makes hiring your car in Thailand easy and affordable. You can collect your car rental in Thailand from the airport or downtown depots.DriveAway Holidays in conjunction with the largest car hire suppliers in Thailand can all provide you with a wide variety of vehicle selections at an unbeatable price.
(AU$) 8.00% Per Sale DAH
DriveAway Holidays makes hiring your car in Italy easy and affordable. You can collect your car rental in Italy from over 400 depots located throughout all major airports, cities, railway stations and regional areas of Italy.
(AU$) 8.00% Per Sale DAH
DriveAway Holidays makes hiring your car in France easy and affordable. You can collect your France car rental as soon as you arrive at all Airports, Downtown Cities and Railway stations in France.
(AU$) 8.00% Per Sale DAH
Book your car hire in Singapore with DriveAway Holidays over our safe, reliable and secure online booking system.
58.Auto rental in Italy (Rome) - FlyerTalk Forums [01.09.2007]Relevancy 67%
... rentals in Italy. (Interestingly enough, they will often cover your car if you drive it in Italy but rent it out of France, for example.) Do check and
View Public Profile
Find More Posts by l'etoile
Sep 23, 05, 9:12 pm
TalkBoard Member
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Yiron, Israel
Programs: DL, El Al, Sixt, AirTran, Hertz, HHonors, Starwood
Posts: 22,217
Letoile is right -- car rental in Italy is never cheap. For all that, the best bargains are generally from Maggiore.
I hope you can read Italian as its website is in that language only:
Join BEYFlyer and me at The Fourth Annual PBI-FLL Meet:
Oct 26 - 28
Currently: 56 definitely attending, 26 possibly.
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Find More Posts by Dovster
Sep 23, 05, 10:38 pm
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59.italy car hire - cheap car rental in italy from Holiday Autos [01.06.2007]Relevancy 67%
car hire italy
home > europe
> italy car hire
Book cheap car hire in italy quickly and securely online with holiday autos, the experts in italy car rental.
holiday autos hire cars are available from over 4000 locations worldwide.
what do our prices include?
no hidden extras
Unless otherwise stated in the 'important information' section, all prices are fully inclusive of:
Unlimited mileage
Third party insurance.
Collision damage waiver liability. This covers you for damage to your hired car in the event of an accident, except where negligence is proved.
Theft waiver.
Airport surcharges
Bail bonds (where needed).
All local taxes except Australia where taxes are paid locally by law.
car hire in italy
holiday autos makes italy completely accessible with our extensive car hire coverage, with a number of hire car locations available throughout europe, car rental with holiday autos couldn’t be easier.
Delivering award-winning, great value ...
60.Fodor's Travel Wire | Motoring through Italy: The Do's and Don'ts [01.09.2007]Relevancy 67%
... Those on autostrade are open 24 hours. Otherwise, gas stations generally are open Monday through Saturday 7-7, with a break at lunchtime. Self-service gas stations have pumps that accept only bills in denominations of 5, 10, 20, and 50 euros and do not give change. Those with attendants accept cash and credit cards. It's not customary to tip the attendant.
Gasoline (benzina) costs about 1.20 per liter and is available in unleaded (verde) and super unleaded (super). Many rental cars in Italy use diesel (gasolio), which costs about 1 per liter.
Don't tear up a parking ticket. Parking is at a premium in most towns, especially in the centri storici (historic centers). Fines for parking violations are high, and towing is common. Don't think about tearing up a ticket, as car rental companies may use your credit card to be reimbursed for any fines you incur.
Do park smartly. In congested cities like Rome and Florence, indoor parking costs 23-30 for 12-24 hours; outdoor parking costs ...
61.Car Hire Italy :: Cheap Car Rental in Italy Travel Italy [01.09.2007]Relevancy 66%
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Cheap Car Hire & Rental Italy
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more italy cities.....
Top Italy Airports Guide
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more italy airports.....
"Share your Italy holiday tips, best places to visit, good bad experiences on car hire, parking, traffic, speed ...
62.Car Rentals - Airport Car Rental - Rental Car Search [03.07.2003]Relevancy 66%
Airport Car Rental
Rental Car
Search & Discounts
Rental Car Search - Top Rental Companies, 1,000 Locations - Always Great Rates!
In over 1,000 locations, Rental Car Search can help you save money on your car hire reservation. Your booking will be made with the car rental company you select and is guaranteed with nothing to
pay until you collect the car. We sell all the major chains and a selection of trusted
local suppliers too. For your purchasing security, our bookings are powered by TravelNow, a market leader in Hotel, Car and Air reservations.
Airport Car Rental - Rental Car Search & Discounts
Top Rental Locations
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JFK Car Rental : La Guardia Car Rental : Chicago O'Hare Car Rental
Washington Car Rental : Phoenix Car Rental : Denver Car Rental
Cancun Car Rental : Honolulu Car Rental
Heathrow Car Rental : Paris Car Rental : ...
63.Car Rental in Italy Opel Alfa Romeo Renault Fiat Automatic Insurance Rome Venice [01.09.2007]Relevancy 66%
Car Rental in Italy Opel Alfa Romeo Renault Fiat Automatic Insurance Rome Venice
Car Rental in Italy Opel Alfa Romeo Renault Fiat Automatic Insurance Rome Venice
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Car Rental Bargain Breaks 2007
FREE! Moreover - mostly breakfast is included and children under 12 years stay free in your room. During special event and fair periods a surcharge may apply.', this, event, '260px')">
Car Rental Size
Manual / Automatic
Days 3-4
per day
5-7 days
up to -13
per day
up to -30
per day
* Please select one car group
Smart ...
64.Slow Travel Italy - Rome Airport and Car Rentals, AutoEurope locations [01.09.2007]Relevancy 66%
... | About Us | Classifieds
> SlowTrav > Italy > Instructions for Visitors > Driving
Rome Airport (FCO) - Car Rentals
Pauline Kenny 2002, updated October 2006
Here are all my notes about Rome airport - the layout and picking up and dropping off your car rental. February 2004: Notes added about pickup/dropoff in downtown Rome
AutoEurope: Car rental in Italy and the rest of Europe.
Maps of the Rome Airport FCO
Slow Travel Google Map - Rome Airport (FCO): This Google Map shows the terminals, parking garages, train station and the walking route from Terminal C (international arrivals) to the Car Rental offices. Rome Airport web site Map of Rome Airport
Map of Parking Garages: Photo of the parking garage map at Rome Airport (FCO) taken September 2002.
Layout of the Rome Airport FCO
There ...
65.Auto Rentals in Italy, Car Rentals [01.09.2007]Relevancy 66%
... Italy
Driving a Car
Driving in Rome
Using your cell phone in Italy
Mobile phones: SIM cards
Safety Tips for Women
Gay Life in Tuscany
Italian Food Rules
Places to Eat
Italian Tourism: Romance
Italian Tourism: Singles
Events in Italy
Home Cooked Meals
Grocery Shopping
Miscellaneous Tips
Contact Us
See Also:
Italy Tourism
Italian Cooking School
Italian Food
With a Motorcycle
Italian Car rentals
Renting a Car in Italy
Click here to begin your reservation process for your rental car!
Tour Italy with a car rental! Life in Italy has partnered with Auto Europe to offer car rentals in Italy. It's the only agency I rent from because of their
low rates and level of service provided. All rates are guaranteed in US dollars and their reservations center is open 24/7 -they have a toll-free telephone numbers to call from Europe, too. You may book your rental online here.
Tips For Renting A Car In Italy
through Life ...
66.Car Hire Italy. Compare Italy Car Rental Companies [01.09.2007]Relevancy 66%
... Holidays
Italy Short Breaks
Italy Ski Resort
Italy Tours
The latest news, site updates editors picks direct to your inbox.
For comprehensive listings of online and offline car hire companies in Italy simply select your destination from the directory at the base of this page. Travel Library includes web links and full, direct contact information so you can easily get in touch with providers of car rental in Italy.
Sponsored Links
Italy Car Rental
The Lowest Rates in Italy. No Hidden Fees. Book Your Car Now!
Italy Car Rental
Best price guarantee, free mileage and refundable excess available.
Car Rental Italy
Last Minute Deal for Italy : great rates! Book your car rental & go
Low Cost Car Rental Italy
Car Rental Italy. Cars have air con Lowest damage excess. Book now
67.Car Rental in Italy by Phonebook of the [01.09.2007]Relevancy 66%
Car Rental in Italy
Car Hire in Italy
Car hire in Italy from as little as £20 per day. Award winning company established for 17 years. Book online - it's fast, easy and secure.
Book Worldwide Car Hire at
Great discounted rates - top suppliers. Save up to 60%. Free additional driver.
Find Cheap Car Rental Deals in Italy is the only fully inclusive car hire company operating throughout Spain, Portugal and Italy. We offer a excellent customer service, no insurance excess and a free additional driver.
Great Car Hire Deals in Italy
Choose from a variety of the UK's favourite car hire companies specialising in italy. Great deals and the latest offers.
Car Hire Italy
Find car hire italy on FoundIt. The easiest way to compare car hire italy websites.
68.Car Rental Italy - Compare the prices of car rental in Italy [01.09.2007]Relevancy 66%
Loading ...
FAQ Contact
Car Rental Italy
EasyTerra Car Rental is an independent company. Our system compares prices of well known car rental companies. This ensures that you as a customer can book a cheap rental car at any destination, including car rental in Italy.
In which country, city, and location would you like to pick up and drop off your rental car?
Pick up:
Drop off::
select a city
select a location
select a city
select a location
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69.Italy Car Rentals [01.09.2007]Relevancy 66%
Car Rentals in Italy by
Hostels Tours Car Rental
Contact us
Europe Car Hire
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Rent A Car Italy
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Easy car hire in Italy. Book online your Italy car rental just in 4 steps. team in association with our partners from Auto Europe strive to offer you the best choice of car ... - Car Rental complaints and reviews - Let Your Voice Be Heard! [01.09.2007]Relevancy 66%
... - Poor customer service unprofessional and fraudulent!!!
Complaints - Car Rental - jacksonville FL
Product/Service: car rental
So I recently rented a nervous breakdown from a Jacksonville Budget car rental agency. We had a moving truck we needed to return that day and needed to rent a car to drive for a business trip. The bu... more > - European car rental through
Complaint - Travel Companies/Agencies -
Product/Service: car rental
I reserved a car rental in Italy through When I arrived in Milan, the rental company, Lukauto, charged me 50% more than my Expedia reservation which included Superinsurance that was alrea... more >
Payless Car Rental - Las Vegas Airport - Payelss Car Rental - Online reservation rip off
Complaints - Car Rental - Las Vegas Airport NV
Product/Service: Car Rental - Las Vegas Airport
I reserved a car for July 13 12pm to July 16 12pm.When my flight got delayed and I arrived late on the date of pick up, I had to wait ...
71.Car Rental Italy, discount car rentals in and for Italy, including Rome, Florence, [04.03.2007]Relevancy 64%
Milan, Sicily and more now including air fares.
The easiest and most inexpensive way to rent a car in Italy for the last 10 years.
Quick Quotations for your Car Rental in Italy
Select a model from this drop-down menu to see the various rates
that we have to offer and to get a quotation.
Select a Model
Economy 2 Doors
Economy 4 Doors
Compact 4 Doors
Intermediate 4 Doors
Full Size 4 Doors
Premium 4 Doors
Compact Station Wagons
Intermediate Station Wagons
Full Size Station Wagon
Seven Seat Minivans
Nine Seat Minivans
If you prefer, you can also call us for a quotation: 1 (310) 649 9078 or 1
(512) 250 - 2011 (Los Angeles,CA and Austin, TX respectively), Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM PST or CTZ, or fax your request to 1 (310) 410 0525 or 1 (512) 233 2494, 24 hours a day, or email us at
We are here to help you rent your car in Italy at the best price available.
Car Rental Italy is proud to announce
that ...
72.Car Rental Italy - Cheap Car Hire Italy - easyCar [01.09.2007]Relevancy 64%
... (PMO)
Perugia Airport (PEG)
Pescara Airport (PSR)
Pisa Airport (PSA)
Reggio Calabria Apt (REG)
Roma Ciampino Airport (CIA)
Roma Fiumicino Airport (FCO)
Treviso Airport (TSF)
Trieste Airport (TRS)
Turin Arpt (TRN )
Venezia Airport (VCE)
Verona Arpt (VRN)
Start Date:
End Date:
Guaranteed car, guaranteed price.
Car Hire Italy
Low Cost Car Rental in Italy
Seemingly designed for romance and magic, Italy is a country that can excite, delight and enchant at every turn. From the ancient architectural relics of Rome to the dramatic rock faces of the Dolomites, Italy is the very definition of diversity. With so many options, it s sometimes hard to know what to do in Italy! You could ski at some of the luxury resorts in the Italian Alps, take a gondola through the canals of Venice, marvel at the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, or just relax at some of ...
73.Fodor's Travel Guides | Forums Messages | How much collision insurance do I need for car rental? [01.09.2007]Relevancy 64%
... page
Author: JennaJ
Date: 08/30/2004, 11:56 am
I am going to rent for one week through Hertz directly, as I can use my American Express Reward points. Collision is not included and is not mandatory. Should I get some for piece of mind, and if so, how much? Also, what is the necessary coverage for Italy? I want to make sure that we have everything we need for a stress-free Honeymoon! Thank you!
Author: JennaJ
Date: 08/30/2004, 11:58 am
Woops! This post is for car rental in Italy.
Author: ira
Date: 08/30/2004, 12:01 pm
Hi Jenna,
This link will give you some good information
>I want to make sure that we have everything we need for a stress-free Honeymoon!<
Have you and your fiancee drven in Italy before? If not, you might want to reconsider if you want a stress-free honemoon.
Author: Patrick
Date: 08/30/2004, 12:05 pm
Someone may have a more accurate answer, but this is the first time I've heard of an Italian ...
74.Car Rental Companies With Maximum Age Restrictions [01.09.2007]Relevancy 64%
... on a range of topics. One of these is age.
Budget remains a mystery. In order to see local terms and conditions (including, one assumes, any age restrictions) you have to actually make a reservation. The information is then provided on the confirmation note. Of course, by then you've fed the system your credit card and personal details -- and maybe wasted quite a bit of time.
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75.Italian Car Rental Companies with Rome Italy Auto Renting Listings [01.09.2007]Relevancy 64%
... BORDER-BOTTOM: #2875b8 1px solid; FONT-FAMILY: Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #FFFFFF }
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Car Rental in Italy - Offers an online rent a car in Italy services. Rent a mini bus, wagons and other kind of cars from any Italian cities.
more info...
Colosseumtravel - Limousine service, airport transfers And guided tours in Italy's Major cities: Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Naples etc.
more info...
D'Angelica Motorservices - D'Angelica Motorservices specialized in car rental services and sightseeing tours in Rome, Italy.
76.Hire Car Italy - Rentals in Rome, Milan, Venice [01.09.2007]Relevancy 64%
Welcome to
Hire Car Italy
Great rates on Rental Cars
Hire Car Italy - Your best source for great value Car Rental in Italy!
We offer you 2 quotation engines to allow you to get the best price for your Hire Car in Italy. Just choose which one you want, and compare prices. Both of our engines offer many locations around Italy, and a full fleet of cars is available for hire, from 3 door economy models all the way up to Executive Sedans. We deal only with major, quality-assured rental companies including Alamo, Budget, Europcar, National, Sixt and Thrifty.
We have 2 Hire Car Italy Booking Systems for you to choose from! This will allow you to compare prices and choose the best deal! Simply Click the button for Engine #1 or Engine #2, and see which gives you the best deal!
We have a very simple, 3 step process to book a hire car -
1. Select a Pick-up Location
2. Request a Quote - we offer you an Instant Online Quotation.
3. Book! - ...
77.Car Truck Rental Information | ZoomInfo [01.09.2007]Relevancy 64%
... Cairns, QLD, Australia
Car Hire Australia is cheap and easy with DIY Car Hire and Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz and Thrifty. Rent a car at Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, Hobart, Australia. Airport and city locations for discount car rental.... Car Hire Australia is cheap and easy with DIY... more
Auto Europe LTD
Portland, ME
Auto Europe created Car Rentals in Italy to help you find the best combination of rates and service possible for car rental in Italy. Whether you need a small car to sightsee around Rome or a minivan for a multiday trip to see cities like Florence, Pisa and Milan, Auto Europe has the... more
National Car Rental
Tulsa, OK is a direct source for the lowest online rates , reservations, and weekly specials for business and leisure car rentals. Join Emerald Club, our frequent renter program to save time and money.... is a direct source for the lowest online rates,... more
Avis ...
78.Rental Cars #ydirinfo {position:relative;} [01.09.2007]Relevancy 63%
... Vehicles@
SITE LISTINGS By Popularity | Alphabetical
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Sites 1 - 5 of 5
Provides fully inclusive car hire in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Rates include no insurance excess and a free additional driver.
European car rental company.
Car Rental Italy
Offering car and limousine online reservations.
121 Car Hire Italy
Offers rental car hire in Italy, including Milan, Naples, Pisa, and Rome airports.
Budget Rent-A-Car Italy
Offers cars for hire from airports and city locations.
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79.Rental Cars, weekly daily rates, cheap discount car rentals, rental specials [01.09.2007]Relevancy 62%
Car Rental, Rental Cars
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Europe Car Rentals
Monte Carlo
80.Rental Car Discounts and Codes [24.08.2007]Relevancy 61%
Rental Cars in the Northeast
Boston Rental Cars
Chicago Car Savings
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Making it easy to rent a car. View our Rental Car Guide for hints and tips in car renting. Whether you need a one way car rental, a car hire in Europe, 12 passenger van or
8 passenger van, a cheap car rental or luxury rental car, one of our partners will be able to help you. Discount Rental Car Codes, Rental car coupons and a Car Rental Guide are available for most cities and ...
81.Rent a Car in Italy from Auto Europe Car Rentals [01.09.2007]Relevancy 60%
United States
Specials Packages
Car Rental
Rail GPS & Cellphones
Agents Affiliates
Newsletter Sign-Up Travel & Driving Information Help Fleet Guides Travel Insurance
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Travel Resources > Travel Driving Information > Italy > General Information
Car Rental Italy : General Information
Introduction | General Information | Business Information
Italy Home
General Information
Driving Information
Car Rental Fleet Guide
Other Countries
Services in Italy:
Car Rentals
Luxury Cars
City Info
82.Car Rental Italy - Car Rental Express [01.09.2007]Relevancy 60%
Car Rental Italy
Car Rentals | Comparison Guide | Rate Search | Agency Directory | The CRX Difference | Reliability Index | News | Hotels
Motorcycle Rentals | Hot Deals | About CRX | Support | Agency Sign Up | Travel Agents | My Reservations
Home >>
Europe >>
Car Rentals in Italy | Agency Directory
Car Rental Italy
Select a city in Italy
Citta Del Mare
Giardini Naxos
Lamezia Terme
Reggio Calabria
Rosignano Solvay
Car Rental - Australia
Car Rental - Barbados
Car Rental - France
Car Rental - Germany
Car Rental - Greece
Car Rental - Ireland
Car Rental - Italy
Car Rental - New Zealand
83.Italy Car Rental / Rent a Car [17.05.2007]Relevancy 60%
Italy Hotels and Beach Resorts Online Hotel Reservation Center with up to 76% Discount on Published Rates !!!
Trunk Line Number :+(63) 35 - 4198329
If you call from UK for your Reservations, Dial: 0871284 0702
Fax Number : +(63) 35 4199625
Contact Us :
Italy Car Rental
City Tours
Group Reservation
Car Rental
Contact Us
Italy Car Rental for Individual and Group
Please fill up the form if you need to rent a car and one of our reservation agents will respond to your request within 24 hours with the best rate we can offer. Car Rental Request Form
Hotels in Italy
About Us | Contact Us | Currency Exchange | Discount Airfare | Guestbook | Disclaimer | Visa | FAQ's
Copyright© All Rights Reserved.
Italy Hotels, Rome Hotels, ...
84.Italy Links: Car Rental [01.09.2007]Relevancy 60%
Italian in Italy
| Italy
| Hotels in Italy
| Italy Photos
Italy travel
» Our Partners
» Car Rental
Italy destinations
» Rome
» Venice
» Florence
» Milan
» More destinations...
Italy guide
» Maps of Italy
» Italy History
» Getting around Italy
» Best of Italy
» Explore Italy
» Opening Hours
» Red Tape Visas
» The Media in Italy
» Cost, Money Banks
» Italian language
What to do?
» Sports in Italy
» Golf courses in Italy
» Eating drinking
» Work Study in Italy
Italian Culture
» Italy Recipes
» Italy Festivals
» Italy Architecture
» Painting Sculpture
Business in Italy
» Italy Real Estate
» Job search in Italy
» Moving to Italy
» MBA programs in Italy
» Insurance in Italy
» Italian courses
» Health Matters
Car Rental
Job search
Language courses
Language schools
85.Italy Auto Rental // Home Page // [01.09.2007]Relevancy 58%
home about us contact us
our cars locations rental terms special offers
Fly & Drive
Fly & Drive is an exclusive traveling package by WorldArrow Tours & Charter. Each package includes Flight, Hotel and Car rental. Ask for our special rates.
Select a region on the map to search one of our convenient locations
When choosing to rent a car in Italy, go with the #1 Car Rental Companies in Italy and World Arrow Tours, one of the oldest and reputable tour operator to Italy. In making your car rental arrangements consider and COMPARE the following important PRICING points: The LOWEST all inclusive Car Rental rates with NO HIDDEN Charges, just pay for gasoline, Includes all the insurance, including the DEDUCTIBLE! Over 400 pick up and drop off points in Italy. Reliability, Late model fleet (rental cars change every six months). 24 hour road side assistance. ...
86.Avis Car Rental Ireland - Home Page [01.09.2007]Relevancy 58%
Avis have created a number of flexible business options in order to save your business time and money.
Click here for more information
Latest Offers
Make the most of your week-end. Rent a car from less than €100
Click here to book
Ireland Weekend Special
Get a lot more car for just a little extra! Upgrade to a large car in the UK from under €1 extra a day
Click here to book
UK Upgrade Offer
Pay for 5 days rental in Italy and receive an extra 2 days free!
Click here to book
Italy 7 days for 5
Get special rates at selected Spanish airport locations from as little as 37,33 EUR per day and 140,00 EUR per week when you pay online
Click here to book
Spain Airport Special
Book early and save money
Click here to book
USA Earlybooker – 15% off
About Avis
Website Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy
Booking Terms and conditions
Careers at Avis
Site ...
87.Acquableu noleggio rent a car hire rental in Sardegna Palau Porto Cervo Cannigione Baia Sardinia - Italy. Auto scooter mountain bike biciclette telefonini barche imbarcazioni limousines escursioni trekking diving. [06.05.2004]Relevancy 58%
... costa smeralda, mietwagen cannigione, mietwagen baia sardinia,
autovermietung italien, autovermietung olbia, autovermietung palau, autovermietung porto cervo, autovermietung costa smeralda, autovermietung cannigione, autovermietung baia sardinia,
location de voitures, location de voitures olbia, location de voitures palau, location de voitures porto cervo, location de voitures costa smeralda, location de voitures cannigione, location de voitures baia sardinia,
rent a car, rent, rental, car, italia, acquableu, sardegna, auto, moto, scooter, van, automobili, scooter, mountain bike, biciclette, telefonini, barche, imbarcazioni, limousines, escursioni, trekking, diving, vans, rent car italy, car rental italy, auto a noleggio, rent car, cheap rates, booking on line, autonoleggio Sardegna, autonoleggio olbia, autonoleggio palau, autonoleggio porto cervo, autonoleggio costa smeralda, autonoleggio cannigione, autonoleggio baia sardinia, car rental sardinia, car rental olbia, car rental ...
88.Rent a car in Europe - cheap rental Cars in Europe - cheap car hire [01.09.2007]Relevancy 58%
... ein Auto -
stuttgart tourist
Rent a car in SPAIN
( Car Rentals )
alquiler de coches en Espaсa
Coches de Alquiler
Car hire malaga airport
Avis - Alquiler de coches
Auto Europe in Spain
Rent a car in FRANCE
( Car Rentals )
louez une voiture -
Reservations voiture
Hertz France
Location de voiture -
Location de voitures -
Auto Europe en France
Rent a car in ITALY
( Car Rentals )
Maggiore Rent Spa - Noleggio auto autonoleggio noleggio auto
Rent a car -
Liberty Rent International
Avis- Rent a Car
Car Rental Italy
Rent a Car, fitto automobili, scooter, motorini
Rent a car in SWEDEN
( Car Rentals )
Avis - Rent a car
hyrbil -
FlyMe - Rent a car
Hertz - Rent a car
Hyrbilar i hela vдrlden
SIXT international: Rent a car
Alamo Rent a Car
89.Transportation [01.09.2007]Relevancy 58%
... France but have to go to Switzerland and then go around the building) but eventually you'll be able to pick up your car in France and drive to the Mont Blanc tunnel and then down through the Aosta valley. It is beautiful - lots of sites to photograph. Visit Aosta, then Milan, then ....
Just avoid the Swiss motorways as you will not have a tax disc: use the French instead.
Moshe Aizenman, November 30, 1999; 08:09 A.M.
Happy to express a different idea !
driving with a rented car in Italy is a Must and a pleasure .
there is no other way to enjoy all the treasures all around .
only avoid getting into crowded center cities .
we enjoy even Rome very much but , you must act with reasonable rules . we travel a lot to Italy ,
also trying to avoid thieves ... .
in Toscana or the Dolomites or Napoly , we enjoy driving there , exploring the beautiful country . also you are invited to___ ____
were you can find information and trip details .
also ...
90.Sardinia Connection - All the Car rentals [01.09.2007]Relevancy 58%
... you to get information before you arrive in Sardinia on the possibility of using the “Fly and Drive” formula, that is offered by almost all of the airline companies. In addition to being a solution that permits you to plan your stay in a Bettener way, it also is a good way of saving money.
If you’d rather rent a car upon your arrival, you don’t have to do anything else but to look around and choose among the numerous companies present at the Airport. To rent a car in Italy you must have an international driving license and be at least 21 (some companies raise the age limit to 23 yrs.) and possess a credit card. Furthermore you should remember some basic rules of the Italian highway code. In Italy you drive to the right and overtake on the left. You are obliged to wear your seat belt, unless you possess a medical certificate that attests a state of health absolving this obligation. The speed limits are, unless indicated differently, 90 km. per hour, that reduces ...
91.Automax - booking on line your car rental, rent a car Italy [01.09.2007]Relevancy 57%
You need to upgrade your Flash Player
This is replaced by the Flash content. Place your alternate content here and users without the Flash plugin or with Javascript turned off will see this. Content here allows you to leave out noscript tags. Include a link to bypass the detection if you wish.
For booking:
Via Losanna, 34/36 - Tel. 0541/378280 Fax 0541/477127
Via Emilia Romagna, 184 - Tel. 0541/833769 Fax 0541/835571
Intro | Home | Who we are | The Fleet | Rent a car Rimini | Rent commercial vehicles | Long chartering term | Sale motor vehicles | Promotions | Exclusive car
Automax point | Conditions & rules | How reach us | Contact & request | Partners links | Booking on-line | Kilometre distance | Meteo | Sitemap
Automax - Rent a car
Rimini - Via Losanna, 34/36 - Tel. 0541/378280 Fax 0541/477127 Cattolica - Via Emilia ...
92.Renting a car [01.09.2007]Relevancy 57%
... agency we rent from ourselves. They guarantee the lowest rates in the industry--if you find a better deal, let them know; they will verify and beat it--every time.
For an additional 5% discount off published prices:
Book through our website by clicking on Request A Quote or Book Online below
Call 800-730-8036 and mention our discount code 99006916 for your additional 5% discount off their already low published rates.
Here are some helpful links to consider before renting a car in Italy:
Car Rental Sizes and Categories - Rental Car Specifications
International Drivers' Permit - Complete this form from National Auto Association to drive in Italy
Car Rental Form - Request a quote or book through Papavero Rentals
Car Rental Tips
Request A Quote or Book Online
We've listed some very important facts about renting a car in Italy.
Quick Tips about Renting a Car
First thing you need to consider is the size of the car you'll need. Not only do you have to think ...
93.Rome Rental Cars - Cheap Car Rentals in Rome, Italy [01.09.2007]Relevancy 57%
italy travel
Rental Cars
Travel Guide
Free Brochures
More Locations:
Venice Rental Cars
Florence Rental Cars
Rental Cars
in U.S.
Rome Rental Cars
The Italian Chef can help you find cheap rates on rental cars at the Rome airports. Whether Rome is your first stop on your Italy vacation and you plan on driving from there to other cities and regions in Italy, you want to take some day trips exploring Lazio
and the surrounding areas, or you are just feeling brave and want to try driving in the city like a true Roman, use our rental car search to find
the right vehicle for you. Compare rental cars in Rome by price and car type, and book online.
Local Airports
Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO)
Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA)
Calendar Sample
Enter an Airport Code or City Name
Pick-up City:
Pick-up Date:
94.In Italy Online - Hotels in Italy, Villas in Italy, Lodgings in Italy, Traveling to Italy and Information about Italy [03.08.2007]Relevancy 57%
... magical trip to Italy. We
offer personally inspected historical lodgings, exceptional day trips and tours
for individuals, museum reservations, culinary experiences and over 4000 pages
of helpful information about places to see and things to do in Italy.
Click on any region below to begin your trip of a lifetime
If you're looking for UNIQUE LODGINGS, click here.
Private DAY TRIPS and CITY TOURS can be found by clicking here.
Need to RENT A CAR in Italy? Click here.
Get 10% discount on AIR FARE to Italy! Click
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Car Hire in Italy
is a country of contrasts and has so much to offer its visitors with its many historic cities; mountainous alpine regions; stylish fashion capitals; sun soaked beaches; spectacular lakes; lush rolling hills and volcanic islands. Italy is traditionally associated with romance, opera, and passionate cooking which you will find from Milan to Naples and almost everywhere in between.
Italian is the official language. Dialects are spoken in different regions, including Sardinian, German, Ladin, French, Greek, Albanian, Catalan.
The Italian currency is the (в‚): 100cents. The most common paper currency in Italy comes in denominations of в‚500, в‚200, в‚50, в‚20, в‚10 and в‚5. Coins appear in denominations of в‚2 and в‚1. Coins also come in 50 cents, 20 cents, 10 cents, 5 cents, 2 cents and 1 cent
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97.Visit Croatia - Travelling Around - Travelling From Italy to Croatia [11.10.2006]Relevancy 57%
... existed before low-cost airlines started flying to Croatia, simultaneously lowering prices and increasing availability of flights. See our Getting There By Air section for more details!
However, many of you are still taking advantage of low-cost airlines' cheap flights to Trieste, Venice, Treviso, Bologna, Ancona, Pescara or Bari in nearby Italy.
Travelling From Italy
Please see the following guides:
Can I rent a car in Italy and drive it to Croatia?
Yes, but not all car rental companies allow you to do this due to the higher insurance costs of taking a rental car into Croatia. Your best bet is to hire a car in Trieste/at Trieste Airport as this is the nearest large Italian town to Croatia, driving-wise. These are the car rental companies that we have heard allow you to do so, but please double-check with them! As a tip, it is often better to contact the regional offices directly (i.e. in Trieste), and not the ...
98.Rick Steves' Europe: Car Rental Insurance (CDW) Ripoffs [14.02.2006]Relevancy 57%
... everywhere. See the following caveat from their web page:
"Underwritten by AMEX Assurance Company, Administrative Office, Green Bay, WI. Coverage is primary outside the U.S., its territories, possessions, and Canada; however, there is no coverage for Rental Autos rented in...Ireland, Italy...Certain vehicles are not covered and other significant exclusions apply. Coverage is subject to the terms, limitations, and exclusions of Policy AX0925.
USA 12/13/99
Never, ever, rent a car in Italy. The mandatory insurance is more than the rental. You had better confirm this with the agent. Instead, fly into Germany and rent a bigger, nicer car for half the price and with insurance provided by your credit card. The drive to Italy thru Germany and Austria is gorgeous and only about 7 hours if you can resist stopping and sightseeing. Rent cars cheap in Germany and travel trains cheap in Italy. And don't forget, gas is almost $5 a gallon in Europe, but the cars usually get great gas mileage.

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