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SSScanner™ - Expert in Text Search

What is Subject Search Scanner?

Subject Search Scanner™ is a full-text search utility, which scans within files, e-mail messages and archives on your local, network, CD-ROM, DVD and flash drives looking for a given word or phrase (see also: SSScanner™ CD Edition below). As SSScanner™ searches for your query, it shows the directory path to the files that match it most of all.

The application uses the intelligent Subject Search™ method, which matches your search phrase with the text being searched even if the corresponding text fragment and your search phrase are not exactly the same, some of the words are swapped, not present or spelling varies; searches can be done in any of nearly 40 languages supported. The product provides each of its findings with a relevancy score shown as a percentage; this helps you to judge whether a particular file does or does not actually contain information of your interest. SSScanner™ processes files of any format, including text files, documents written under MS Word, HTML, PDF, RTF, HLP formats as well as binary or even executable ones!

SSScanner™ CD Edition (FREE!!!)

Beginning from version 4.5, Kryloff Technologies issues a special edition of SSScanner™ for CD: SSScanner™ CD Edition. This product has been developed to let your customers search in contents of documents and files that you are burning and distributing on CD-ROM devices. Being based on the source code of the regular SSScanner™ utility, CD Edition inherits all of its benefits such as, rich multi-language capabilities, intelligent "Subject Search" technique, easy-to-use product interface, etc. Unlike the regular SSScanner™ utility, CD Edition does not require any installation on your customer's machines: after being burnt on your CD's along with your documents and data files, this product is ready to search in them right after the user inserts your CD's in the CD-ROM drive. SSScanner™ CD Edition is provided free of charge: you may obtain it from the product download page.

SSScanner™ enhances searches in Windows® Vista and Windows® 7

This section is written with regards to the appearance of Windows Vista® and Windows® 7, into which Miscrosoft has embedded some full-text search functionality. SSScanner™ is fully compatible with these platforms; furthermore, installing SSScanner™ on Windows Vista® and Windows® 7, which look wonderful indeed is strongly recommended. However, according to the opinion of Sergey Kryloff, president of Kryloff Technologies and the team of his experts, the full-text search functionality in Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 is poor and unreliable. Corresponding explanations and examples are provided below.

  • Microsoft states: "Windows Mail includes the Search box, which makes it easy to find specific e-mail and newsgroup messages. Using the Search box, you can quickly filter your message list so that it only shows messages containing specific words, characters, or e-mail addresses.".
    Sounds good. However, when you start Windows Mail® (former, Outlook Express®), it welcomes you by a message, which tells about new search features, and which amongst other words, definitely contains "search" (as well as "searching", "searchers", etc.). But, after typing in just the only word "search" for the query, all messages including the welcome one disappear, and displayed is a picture stating "0 messages", and "no items match your search":
    Windows Mail fails to find messages which contain search terms
    Note, that when you enter other words (such as, "Microsoft"), the welcome message does not get filtered. The list of similar cases may be prolonged; for example, when you type in "e-mail" for the query, Windows Mail selects some messages, which do not contain this word ...

    Now please, look at the SSScanner™ findings after scanning the same messages:
    SSScanner searches in e-mail messages
    SSScanner™ has found even 4 quotations in a single file! (the number of quotes SSScanner™ can extract from the same file is controllable)

  • Let us go further and see what Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 can find in regular files. Unfortunately, not too much either: even in English different forms of the same word (such as, "possibility" and "possibilities") do not get matched to each other nor our experts have discovered a single slice of what Microsoft calls, "natural language searches".

    As an example, Windows Vista® and Windows ® 7 find nothing for a simple query "phrase structure":
    Vista fails to find different forms of words

    As for SSScanner™, it easily matches the query "phrase structure" to "structuring your phrase", and after scanning exactly the same folder displays:
    SSScanner matches different forms of words

    The table below compares key full-text search features in Windows Vista® (or, Windows® 7), and SSScanner™:
    Feature Windows® Vista/7 SSScanner™
    Selecting different forms of search terms does not support supports
    Reporting with paragraphs that match search queries does not support supports
    Estimating items found with relevancy scores does not support supports
    Support of queries formulated in natural form poor strong
    Multi-language support not present rich
    Customizing to a particular area (medicine, physics, ...) absent supported by vendor upon request
    The ability to build index files present not present*
    Searching in results of previous searches supports supports
    Saving and restoring results of searches supports partially supports fully
    * - on an average PC SSScanner™ processes hundreds of e-mail messages and several megabytes of file data per a second. For even faster searches, index files are supported by SSSleuth™, one more product of Kryloff Technologies.
  • Screenshots and sample reports

    The SSScanner™ ability to generate reports with quotations from original files that answer your questions is completely unique and powerful. Below is a sample report which gives you some idea of what the product does for you. Note, that quoted are phrases, which do not bodily match the example search query "Making content available for offline viewing"; some search terms are swapped, altered, and even not obligatory present in the original text:

    SSScanner accepts queries formulated naturally

    As you can see on the picture, SSScanner is capable of searching in documents of multiple types such as, MS Word, HTML, TXT, etc. To extract from and then scan textual information from all of these and other file types, SSScanner™ is shipped with special plug-ins called, "KT Text Filters". As soon as Kryloff Technologies develops a new Text Filter, it adds it to the latest version of SSScanner™ and makes it available for free downloading. Look at the Free Stuff page to check out if you already have all the filters that are currently available.

    Additionally, advanced users can configure SSScanner™ to search through any files! Look at the Creating Text Filters page for details.

    What's new in version 6?

  • Apart from scanning files "on the fly", this release is also capable of indexing files into so-called, Virtual Folders. When you add documents to a Virtual Folder, SSScanner™ indexes them to allow your queries be performed much faster; the product maintains indexes between sessions.
  • The product is shipped with new KT Text Filters for processing documents created with MS Office® 2007 (DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX files), and also with an improved filter for the Adobe PDF files.
  • Improved was the user interface -- SSScanner™ supports 43 built-in Visual Themes, which cover a wide range of user requirements and make your use of the product easy indeed.
  • Added was the ability to search in archives. SSScanner™ automatically recognizes and scan files within multiple sorts of archives, namely, processed are 7Z, ARJ, BZ2, BZIP2, CAB, GZ, GZIP, JAR, RAR, TAR (either directly or within enclosing .GZ archives), TAZ, TBZ, TBZ2, TGZ, TPZ, XPI, Z, and of course, the product can scan files within popular ZIP files, too.
  • Furthermore, SSScanner™ is capable of processing files within nested archives! For example, if amongst regular files, the archive "Archive1.ZIP" also contains the file "Archive2.ARJ", which in turn, contains one more archive "Archive3.RAR", then files from "Archive3.RAR" (the "deepest" one) will be scanned as well; nested archives are processed in any combination and at any depth! Not to delay your searches, by default, the product processes enclosed .GZ, .TAR, .RAR, and .ZIP archives only; read the SSScanner™ Frequently Asked Questions page for information how to tune the product to make it process other types of nested archives.
  • The ability to search in your personal e-mail messages and folders has been improved. Even though searches in MS Outlook Express® and other e-mail clients have been accelerated (even considerably when you specify the message subject or/and date frames), still recommended is Microsoft Outlook® from the Microsoft Office® suite of products. Working with this product, SSScanner™ provides the highest possible performance. Also, beginning from Microsoft Outlook® 2003, SSScanner™ supports searching in messages written under any encoding tables, and in virtually any human languages.
  • Integration of SSScanner™ with Subject Search Pad™ and Subject Search Summarizer™ has been improved as well: in particular, SSScanner™ provides SSSummarizer™ with Unicode data only even under Windows 98 and Millennium Edition.
  • User can now easily copy files found by SSScanner™ either by dropping them onto a desired window or, by copying selected files to the Clipboard with subsequent pasting them into the Windows Explorer®, Internet Explorer® or any other applications, browsers and text processors, which accept file dragging or pasting operations. Also, you may create copies of files found by SSScanner™ directly in the product by selecting a desired folder and using a new built-in file/item copying functionality.
  • When you instruct SSScanner™ to copy files from archives or e-mail messages from message stores, SSScanner™ automatically extracts corresponding files (from nested archives, too!) thus working as an archive decompression utility.
  • Improved was International support as well: the product automatically recognizes encoding pages of documents it scans wherever possible, automatically selects an appropriate keyboard input language among those installed on your machine.
  • Added was the ability to save your searches. Using this new feature, you may group files that match a particular criteria, then restore them with a single click of mouse button. Unlike Windows® Vista (Windows® 7), SSScanner™ saves not only your search criteria, but also the entire list of files selected; when you restore search results (for example, by pressing <Ctrl>+R), you may perform subsequent searches in the collection of files that appear in view after restoring.
  • When SSScanner™ functions under Windows® Vista (Windows 7), it places a small box for entering queries in the right upper corner of every window of Windows Explorer that appears. After pressing <Enter>, SSScanner™ immediately starts searching for your search phrase right in the folder that is currently open in Windows Explorer as it is shown on the picture:

    SSScaner adds search box to Vista folders
  • In addition to the above improvements, the user is given one more "Literal Search" option; see below. Even though we still consider the SSScanner™ intelligent "Subject Search" method to be much more advanced and useful, a number of our customers still ask us for additional "exact match" functionality, and we of course, keep on applying efforts to meet these requirements:

    New in the latest release of SSScanner

  • System Requirements:



    SSScanner™ CD Edition:

    • Windows 98/ME (still supported) or Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7.

      Preferable are (in decreasing order):
      Windows Vista or Windows 7, then
      2000/XP/2003, then
      NT 4/Millennium Edition, and finally
      Windows 98.

    • 12 MB free disk space.
    • Windows 98/ME or Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7.
      It is recommended that you originally install CD Edition at least under Windows 2000 on your machine. This product includes utilities which will make its final release (one you will burn on CD-ROM along with your documents) function under any 32-bit Windows platforms, starting from and including Windows 98.
    • 14 MB free disk space.

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