SSSiter™ Help Contents

I. Introduction

1. Getting started with SSSiter™
2. What can SSSiter™ do for me?
3. How does SSSiter™ work?
4. System requirements

II. Asking queries and obtaining results

1. Creating New Queries
2. Executing New queries
3. Viewing reports of completed queries
4. Deleting Queries
5. Manipulating Query Folders
6. Search Phrases
7. Entering Search Sites
8. Selecting the Search Language
9. Selecting an appropriate Search Method
10. Translation Services
11. The Query Status
12. Time Limit (min.)
13. Number of Web Pages to Visit
14. Min Relevancy (%)
15. Number of Quotations to generate
16. Date of creation or modification
17. Size of Quotations
18. Timeout on visiting one location (min.)

III. Customizing SSSiter™ for your own search requirements

1. Accessing the Internet
2. Setting the defaults for executing queries
3. Confirmation and hint messages
4. Colors, fonts, and icons
5. Miscellaneous.
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