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SSSiter™+Email Extractor™ - Web Site Investigators

How do you quickly find information and right e-mail addresses on a Web site?

As a matter of fact Web sites and Web pages are appearing and changing much faster than the search engines can index them! Even if you use SSSpider™ to guarantee that you are comprehensively searching all the indexed Web sites and pages, there is still more unindexed information out there that is not being reported. Plus, even when a search engine reports a match on a given Web site, how do you quickly find out what other pages on that site might also talk about the subject you are interested in? And finally, how do you find information on foreign Web sites in languages you do not speak (yet)?

SSSiter™ and E-Mail Extractor™ give you the possibility to directly investigate Web sites looking for the information you need and translating it into your native language!

A bundle of SSSiter™ and Email Extractor™ provides you with your own personal search engine that can:
a) Search a Web site looking for a phrase and get a report with a ranked list of page links and text extracts. SSSiter™ finds matches in 37 languages; if necessary, translates search results into the language of your choice, and reports results even when only part of the match is present or spelling varies.
b) Build outline-style "Site Maps" of Web sites. SSSiter's Site Maps let you get an overview of site content and make it easy to navigate the hierarchy of folders to zoom in on an area of interest.
c) Scan for, select and report with a bunch of e-mail addresses Email Extractor™ retrieves for you to let you quickly find that right person or a company department to communicate with.
d) Email Extractor™ presents search results in a simple but structured report either as an HTML file or a MS Excel® spreadsheet allowing you to sort, modify, export e-mails into your personal databases or otherwise process product findings via external software packages.
e) Because SSSiter™ downloads text-only data into your own local "cache", you can do additional high-speed searches and site map exploration off-line.

New in version 5.2:

What if some foreign Web sites you are looking at do contain information of your interest, but you do not speak the language those sites are in? Need to get familiar with, overview, and search in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish or Portuguese Web sites yet entering your queries in English? Vice versa? Other language pairs?

Not a problem: starting from version 5.0, all the above becomes as easy as crooning your favorite song (SSSiter™ will teach your voice even if you sing flat) -- the product is capable of translating Web pages and search results into the language of your choice. Furthermore, Kryloff's proprietary language detection algorithms allow searching in Web sites even when you are not sure about their language: in 10-20 seconds the product automatically detects it and applies online translation services wherever possible! The product is shipped with online translation components, which are capable of translating:
from Chinese into English, from Dutch into English, from French into English,
from German into English, from Greek into English, from Italian into English,
from Japanese into English, from Korean into English, from Portuguese into English,
from Russian into English, from Spanish into English, from English into Chinese,
from English into Dutch, from French into Dutch, from Dutch into French,
from English into French, from German into French, from Greek into French,
from Italian into French, from Portuguese into French, from Spanish into French,
from English into German, from French into German, from English into Greek,
from French into Greek, from English into Italian, from French into Italian,
from English into Japanese, from English into Korean, from English into Portuguese,
from French into Portuguese, from English into Russian, from English into Spanish,
and from French into Spanish.    

We express our greatest acknowledgement to Alta Vista, a provider of the above mentioned translation services for the possibility to use them in our products. To serve your needs even better, we shall keep on selecting partners who can add more translation capabilities to our products; it is most likely that when you press the "Update" button on the SSSiter™ Options dialog, additional translation components will become available.

Here's how SSSiter™ and Email Extractor™ help you find information you need quickly and easily:

  • Kryloff Technologies' powerful text search engine quickly makes sense of what you are looking for. Just type in a Web site URL and the phrase you want to find.
  • SSSiter™ extracts data from Web sites that contain a given search phrase even if some words in that search phrase do not match exactly or are not found.
  • SSSiter™ can find phrases in 37 languages using Kryloff's exclusive phonetic search algorithms.
  • Beginning from version 5.0: along with parsing data, the product can also translate contents of Web sites being investigated, into the language of your choice thus allowing you to investigate, build maps of, and search in Web sites that are not obligatory in your native language. For example, you may easily enter your queries and obtain reports in English while the sites being scanned are in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, and many other languages: translation is performed on the fly and absolutely transparently for you.
  • SSSiter™ and E-mail Extractor save you time by searching large amounts of data quickly and automatically. In fact, both products can visit up to 20 Web sites simultaneously.
  • Both products present the results of a search in a simple but structured report. In addition, SSSiter™ sorts best matches for your query based on a calculated relevancy score. To access the source document or an e-mail address for a quotation contained in a report, just follow the link that is highlighted at the beginning of the quotation. Both SSSiter™ and Email Extractor™ will automatically take you there.
  • Since the products are working directly on the Web site to do the searches, they provide you with up-to-date information including actual data from the stored documents.
  • Once SSSiter™ has searched a Web site, it stores its contents in a private cache on your computer allowing you to execute an unlimited number of searches off-line, without actually being connected to the Web.
  • You may create personal libraries and subsequently store the results of your search. Disk space used is negligible as the products store only essential textual information as opposed to the entire document.
  • SSSiter™ generates expandable Site Maps that allow you to quickly get an overview of how pages on a Web site are structured and then navigate through the structure to look for pages that contain information of your interest.
  • Both products are fully configurable: flexibility and ease of use are the hallmarks! Control the number of locations on a Web site to search, amount of time to search, language of your search phrases and also one the product should translate from, etc. and so on.
  • SSSiter™ and E-Mail Extractor™ automatically update themselves as new features are implemented. The updates occur automatically and completely without user intervention.

Try out evaluation versions and see how the products can help you quickly find information on a Web site!

In order to let you see the power of SSSiter™ and E-Mail Extractor™, we offer you the ability to download the evaluation version and use it to investigate Web sites of your choice. Once you see what the products do for you, we're sure you will want to purchase a copy and get the full benefits of using the registered version!

Registering the bundle of SSSiter™ and Email Extractor™ gives you all the power of the current version plus automatic fixes, enhancements, and access to our technical support.

Differences between the evaluation and the licensed versions include:

  • While the evaluation version does the entire search as requested, the evaluation copy produces a report that only shows text extracts and gives hot links for the first several matches that it finds.
  • The evaluation version produces Site Maps that only have titles and hot links for the first ten Web page entries in the map.
  • Registered users can get support from Kryloff Technologies.

Why wait? Buy registered copies of both products now and get the full search power you need!

System Requirements:

  • Windows 98/ME or Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 (highlighted are versions under which the entire functionality of the product becomes available; Windows Vista, Windows 7, and later versions are recommended);
  • 64 Mb RAM;
  • At least 30 Mb free disk space;
  • A connection to the Internet, either through a dial-up connection (SLIP/PPP) or a LAN with an Internet connection.

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