SSSleuth™ Help Contents

The Subject Search Sleuth™ package consists of the following utilities and components:

Administrator - an utility that indexes files and creates Virtual Search Folders;
Client - an utility for searching in SSSleuth™ Virtual Folders;
Language Specifier - an utility that specifies the language of documents to be included in Virtual Search Folders;
Index Packer - a GUI utility for packing index files in Virtual Search Folders;
API to the SSSleuth™ Search Engine - dynamic-link libraries that provide the core Subject Search technology;
Sample applications - example projects in Microsoft Visual C++, C#, Basic .NET, Borland Delphi and Borland Development Studio, both for Win32 and .NET platforms that demonstrate the use of the API to SSSleuth™. The above list may include even more samples in the version you have obtained from the Kryloff Web site.

See also: the Kryloff Text Filters, Data Summarization, Data Scanning, and Data Categorization technologies.

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