The SSSleuth™ Language Specifier utility

The SSSleuth™ Language Specifier allows you to specify the language of documents you are going to include in Virtual Search Folders. Language Specifier is a component of the Subject Search Sleuth™ package, which consists of:

  • SSSleuth™ Administrator,
  • SSSleuth™ Client application,
  • SSSleuth™ Language Specifier (described in this file),
  • SSSleuth™ Index Packer,
  • SSSleuth™ Search Engine, and
  • A number of sample applications and fragments of source code for software developers, which demonstrate the use of the Application Program Interface to the SSSleuth™ Search Engine.

    See also: Kryloff Text Filters, Data Summarization, Data Scanning, and Data Categorization technologies. The API to the majority of these technologies is provided via the SSSleuth™ Search Engine.

    The SSSleuth™ package is shipped with a large collection of language dictionaries for English, French, Russian, Spanish, etc. (more than 30 European languages), so it is most likely that you will not need to run this utility at least initially. The evaluation version of SSSleuth™ though, might not include all language dictionaries; if you have not purchased SSSleuth™ yet, you may do it now by clicking this link.

    The SSSleuth™ Language Specifier displays detailed instructions on its main window; follow these instructions to create dictionaries that fully meet your requirements:

    SSSleuth Language Specifier

    Once you have finished composing and saved a language dictionary file, use it to create new Virtual Search Folders.

    See also: SSSleuth™ Administrator and API to the SSSleuth™ Search Engine.

    SSSleuth™ and Subject Search Sleuth™ are trademarks of Kryloff Technologies, Inc.