The SSSleuth™ Index Packer utility

The SSSleuth™ Packer utility releases disk space by physically removing indexes of files that have been excluded from Virtual Search Folders. It also checks the date and time of files from the Virtual Search Folder being packed; if some file has been modified and the file date and time get changed, the Packer automatically re-builds corresponding file indexes. The Index Packer utility is a component of the entire Subject Search Sleuth™ package, which consists of:

  • SSSleuth™ Administrator,
  • SSSleuth™ Client application,
  • SSSleuth™ Language Specifier,
  • SSSleuth™ Index Packer (described in this file),
  • SSSleuth™ Search Engine, and
  • A number of sample applications and fragments of source code for software developers, which demonstrate the use of the Application Program Interface to the SSSleuth™ Search Engine.

    See also: The Kryloff Text Filters, Data Summarization, Data Scanning, and Data Categorization technologies. The API to the majority of these technologies is provided via the SSSleuth™ Search Engine.

    The source code of the SSSleuth™ Packer utility is provided in the registered version of SSSleuth™; if you have not purchased it yet, you may do it now by clicking this link.

    It is recommended that you leave the Packer constantly running on some machine in the local area network of your company. This machine should be given enough permission to access the corresponding Virtual Folder(s) (as well as KT Text Filters and source documents); required is the full read-and-write access to the contents of the Virtual Folder(s) being packed and the read-only access to the rest of files including source documents and KT Text Filters.

    The SSSleuth Index Packer

    SSSleuth™ and Subject Search Sleuth™ are trademarks of Kryloff Technologies, Inc.