The SSSpider™ Query Execution Form

The Execution Form appears on screen when SSSpider starts executing one or several queries (see also: how to run queries in SSSpider Frequently Asked Questions). Click the form using the right mouse button to access pop-up menus shown on the following picture:

The SSSpider Query Execution Form

The Query Execution form reflects the status of the search process in three tabs:

  • The Execution Profile tab displays the download status per each document or engine report that are being received. User can control the download process by adjusting the time allowed to process the entire query or a particular document, and also the overall number of documents to be received during the query execution.

    Apart from providing the possibility to make adjustments to the query options, this tab also shows the Report Profile, which displays graphical representation of the report being built. It shows relevance of quotations that have already been found thus allowing you to estimate the overall search quality of the report being built.

  • The Report Preview tab allows you to review the current status of the final report. The user can edit it by removing some least relevant quotations, visit particular pages, etc. Click this pane using the right mouse button to see the full list of available options.

  • The tab Message Log displays documents that have been received during the query executions and also, possible warning messages. It is recommended that when SSSpider finishes executing queries, you look through the contents of this tab: it might contain important information such as suggestions to check a particular search engine, adjust your Internet settings, etc.

    See also: Number of locations to visit at a time, Timeouts, and other settings in the SSSpider Options dialog.