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SSSpider™ - Your Personal Web Crawler

You must have tried dozens of search portals and Web search engines before visiting this page. Fortunately, there is one more search tool - SSSpider™, which provides you with a range of smart, unique and easy-to-use searching features.

Product Highlights

SSSpider™ saves your time and increases your productivity by retrieving and selecting useful information available on the World Wide Web. It does lots of things regular search engines are unable to: this product communicates with virtually the unlimited number of search portals, visits, scans and quotes Web pages, stores reports in a library for later viewing, selects paragraphs in which your search terms have been altered or some even misspelled! SSSpider selects data based on questions entered in any language of your choice; it can operate in the background and when the search is complete, creates a report of its findings which can be viewed using either a default or a built-in browser.

  • The intelligent powerful built-in search engine developed by Kryloff Technologies quickly makes sense of what you are looking for.
  • SSSpider™ saves you time, now you do not have to manually sift through large amounts of irrelevant information: this work is done by SSSpider automatically. Why visit one Web site when Spider can visit up to 20 simultaneously.
  • You can mix, add new and delete old custom engines to create your perfectly targeted search categories. This makes SSSpider™ the only true Personal Meta-Search Engine that is fully configurable by the final-end user. See also: Search Engines that are recommended for inclusion into SSSpider™.
  • SSSpider™ always provides you with up-to-date information: not only does it give you a Web site address but also it retrieves data from the original documents stored at that location and highlights that particular paragraph, phrase or term you are looking for.
  • Wherever you are and using any European language, SSSpider™ does the work while you get on with the business of the day. SSSpider extracts paragraphs containing your Search Phrase from the documents located, even if some words in the Search Phrase do not match exactly or are not present. See also: Multi-Language Support in SSSuite™ products.
  • SSSpider presents the results of its search in a simple but structured report, estimating each quotation extracted from a document, with relevancy scores sorted "best matches first".
  • You can create personal libraries to store the results of your search. Disk space is negligible as SSSpider stores only essential information not entire documents. Any time you want to open the entire document for any of the quotations contained in the report, just follow the links that are highlighted at the beginning of each quotation. SSSpider will take you there automatically.
  • SSSpider can be configured and customized to suit your language and even for more thorough searches. These and many other options enable you to tailor SSSpider to match your exact needs. Flexibility and ease-of-use are the hallmarks of this product.
  • What about program updates to include for new search categories, or changes to existing search engines? Don't concern yourself: automated reminders you'll receive from SSSpider™ plus a powerful Search Engine Wizard, which allows you to add new custom search engines with several clicks of the mouse button are another productivity features that we have included. This will keep SSSpider™ on track adding new search categories and catering for changes to existing search engines. Keeping up-to-date with the quickly changing face of the World Wide Web has been built into the design of SSSpider right from the beginning.

No adverts or "sponsored links", no irrelevant information, high performance and accuracy of search results which go down to the quotation level plus the maximum possible flexibility multiplied by the ease of use: this is indeed the shortest possible description of this unique product.

SSSpider™ in action

Below is a product screenshot, which demonstrates how SSSpider™ communicates with search engines, downloads and scans Web pages, and builds a report of its findings:

New in version 5:

a) Support of nearly 300 (three hundred) encoding pages including Asian, Western and Eastern European languages, Hebrew and Arabic);
(support of Arabic has been also considerably improved: we had to download and pass the entire Koran through our internal search training utilities to make SSSpider™ work in this language much better)

b) Full support of UNICODE, automatic detection of and conversion from encoding pages of the original documents into one under which SSSpider™ performs searches and builds its final reports.

c) Along with HTML and plain text files in any of the 38 languages supported, the latest release also searches in and provides excerpts from Microsoft Word©, Excel© and PowerPoint© documents as well as the Adobe PDF© and Rich Text (RTF) ones, plenty of which are now available on the Web.

d) The product allows searching by 8 (eight) different search methods, including of course, our intelligent "Subject Search" one.

e) Even further improved performance: as earlier, the product allows downloading up to 20 documents at a time, but the new version does it even faster!

f) Automatic updates and upgrades: Kryloff Technologies is checking engines SSSpider™ is shipped with (actually, many more) on the regular bases supplying your copy of the product with the latest changes with a single click of your mouse button.

g) Improved reliability and intelligence of the SSSpider Search Engine Wizard™: 99% of thousands of English, Arabic, French, Hebrew, Russian, German, Spanish, etc. local search engines available on the Web, are now fully SSSpider™-compatible. This allows you to easily include them into the product Registry, and search in your native language using dozens of search engines at a time, which reports get even further refined for you by SSSpider™.

h) SSSpider™ v5.2 and higher is fully compatible with Windows© Vista and Windows© 7; furthermore, installing the product under Windows Vista or Windows 7 is recommended since under these platforms you may issue queries directly in Internet Explorer:

"The best search engine in the world" -- this is what has been said about the product by one of our customers. Whether it is or it isn't, at least we keep on doing our best to create spam-free, reliable, powerful, and convenient products, and we really think SSSpider™ is one of them!

System Requirements:

  • Windows 98/ME or Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7
    (recommended are, XP/2003 with Internet Explorer 7+, Vista or Windows 7)
  • 64 MB RAM (recommended is at least 128 MB)
  • A connection to the Internet, either through a dial-up connection (SLIP/PPP) or a LAN with an Internet connection

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