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SSPad™ - Expert in data categorization and classification

General Description

Subject Search Pad™ (SSPad™) is bundle of a text editor and a file classification utility, which allow you to edit, search in and categorize files being stored in multiple data storage formats. The current version of SSPad supports MS Word®, Excel® and Power Point® files as well as HTML, Rich Text, PDF, MS Help, Unicode or plain text files, and even more.

Text Editor

The SSPad™ Text Editor automatically recognizes the language a given text is in: supported are almost all European languages as well as Arabic, Hebrew, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Apart from it, the editor displays multiple sorts of summaries including document style, precis and even finds anomalies! Finally, it provides a powerful built-in full-text search functionality allowing you to easily find paragraphs, in which your search phrase might be altered or even misspelled! As an example, watch what SSPad™ Text Editor selects for the query "Utilities SSPad™ consists of":

The SSPad Text Editor screenshot

File Classifier

The SSPad™ File Classifier performs comparison of the file you specify, with other files, and selects those whose contents and subject are as close to the specified text as possible:

The SSPad File Classifier screenshot

The File Classifier utility considerably saves your time and increases your productivity. In order to find files of your interest you do not longer have to think about words you should enter into the Microsoft "Search" or "Find File" services: just select the entire file for the subject of your search, and File Classifier will quickly bring similar documents in front of your eyes! Along with file selection, you may instruct Classifier to search for files, whose contents are similar to those of the clipboard or the text you specify.

The functionality of both utilities included in the SSPad™ bundle is based on Kryloff's proprietary Subject Search technologies. Similar technologies are used in a number of other products of Kryloff, which are known under the name of Subject Search Suite™. With so powerful set of assistants, you no longer have to spend hours finding that obscure Web page or file you really need or trying to figure out if a document you are looking at is worth reading.

Subject Search Pad™ (SSPad™) and Subject Search Suite™ (SSSuite™) are trademarks of Kryloff Technologies, Inc. Other products or companies mentioned in this document are copyright and/or trademarks of the respective companies.

System Requirements:

  • Windows® 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 (painted in bold are preferable platforms*).
  • 12 MB free disk space.

    * - starting from SSPad™ version 2.0, support of Windows® NT 4.0, 98 and Millennium Edition has been discontinued.

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