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Subject Search Sleuth
Subject Search Sleuth™
The price depends on the number of files you want to index:
Supported number of files Price Option
5,000 files Free of charge Download
10,000 files $995 Purchase
20,000 files $1,595 Purchase
30,000 files $2,395 Purchase
50,000 files $3,995 Purchase
100,000 files $7,995 Contact us
250,000 files $14,995 Contact us
>1,000,000 files (no limit) $29,995 Contact us


Subject Search Sleuth™ provides both final-end users such as, knowledge workers, and software developers with a number of full-text search, retrieval, data filtering and summarization utilities and software components; all of them function on your PC, a Local Area Network of your company, or in your own software products.

The SSSleuth™ Engine is one of the fastest and powerful full-text search engines available. Within a second it:

  • searches in gigabytes of data;
  • processes queries formulated naturally in any language of your choice (all European languages and more ...);
  • finds phrases and paragraphs, in which your search phrase is altered or even misspelled, and
  • reports with corresponding quotations or automatically generated summaries of document contents.

    You will be amazed of that fast indexing and search speed, accuracy, flexibility, and the ease with which you can start using SSSleuth™ right after the installation. Apart from it, the Application Program Interface (API) to the SSSleuth™ Engine allows software developers to quickly incorporate its capabilities into software applications and products of their own.

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