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Product Highlights

General description.

Subject Search Summarizer™ saves your time and increases your productivity by creating brief summaries of virtually any document or Web page you are reading, and translating them into the language of your choice. SSSummarizer generates and displays summaries as a list of key sentences the product extracts from documents using Kryloff's proprietary Subject Search technology. By presenting and translating sentences which reflect the subject of a given document most of all, SSSummarizer allows you to spend considerably less time

  • understanding the general meaning of documents,
  • getting familiar with their structure, and
  • reading without missing key information.

    Summarized are any documents.

    SSSummarizer is not tied to a particular document or file format: you can easily obtain a document summary, precis and style working with any word processor or Web browser including (but not limited to) Microsoft Word, Outlook and Outlook Express, Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Eudora, etc. Indeed, SSSummarizer summarizes the contents of the Windows Clipboard, and it is enough to select and copy into the Clipboard a desired paragraph, chapter or contents of the entire document to see the corresponding summary, which is automatically displayed in front of your eyes.

    Ease of use.

    SSSummarizer has a very simple user interface, does not require any special tuning and ready to work for you once it is launched. It automatically performs summarization and pops up with the summary window when the Clipboard contents get changed. As a result of it, it is normally enough to press the combination of the keys Ctrl+A (select the entire document), then Ctrl+C (copy the selection into the Windows Clipboard) to see the summary. As an option, SSSummarizer can keep its window "on top" or let you fully control its size and position.

    Multi-language support.

    SSSummarizer is capable of processing textual information of any length, on any subject, in any one of about 40 languages. Furthermore, the product can automatically detect the language thus allowing you to summarize documents in different languages without the necessity to change the product settings each time you need to see a summary of a new file. Click here to see the full list of languages which are supported by SSSummarizer.


    Beginning from version 3.0, SSSummarizer is capable of translating document contents between a number of languages. The product is shipped with on-line translation components, which allow translating from Chinese into English, English into German, etc. -- provided is translation between all pairs of languages supported, i.g. about 39x39 translation pairs altogether. Furthermore, the product checks if new components become available on the regular basis (i.e., once a month or when you press the button "Update") thus keeping your copy of the product automatically updated with the latest changes.


    SSSummarizer provides you with three different types of summaries: Document Summary, Precis, and Style thus allowing you to select one that suits your needs better. Also, the product gives you an option to select how many sentences you want to see in each type of summary. Regardless of your selection the most relevant sentences are always shown on top. And finally, you can control the way SSSummarizer extracts sentences by selecting characters, with which sentences on the language of your choice normally end up (such as full stop, question mark, and exclamatory sign).

    Outstanding Performance and Quality

    SSSummarizer uses Krlyoff's proprietary Subject Search technology, which is capable of extracting and displaying the most essential sentences from megabytes of row and unstructured data within less than a second. The same technology is used in a number of other products of Kryloff Technologies, which are known under the name of Subject Search Suite™. With so powerful set of assistants, you no longer have to spend hours finding that obscure Web page or file you really need or trying to figure out if a document you are looking at is worth reading.

    Subject Search Summarizer™ (SSSummarizer™) and Subject Search Suite™ (SSSuite™) are trademarks of Kryloff Technologies, Inc. Other products or companies mentioned in this document are copyright and/or trademarks of the respective companies.

  • What's new in version 4.0

  • Not only does SSSummarizer™ extract and list different sorts of summaries, but also:
    SSSummarizer screenshots
  • The product is shipped with on-line translation components, which are capable of translating text between all pairs of the languages supported: from "Afrikaans into Arabic" till "Turkish into Ukrainian" (alphabetically).

    We express our greatest acknowledgement to Google, a provider of the above mentioned translation services for the possibility to use them in our products. To serve your needs even better, we shall keep on selecting partners who can add more translation capabilities to our products; it is most likely that when you press the "Update" button on the SSSummarizer™ settings, additional translation components will become available.

  • SSSummarizer™ is furnished with our new "Improve Readability" technology, which makes summaries even more smoothed: beginning from SSSumamrizer™ 4.0, key sentences the product extracts for you are presented in the most natural order -- as if you are reading a story!
  • System Requirements

    • Windows 98/ME or Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7.
      (preferable are, Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7).
    • 3 MB free disk space

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